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  1. VRN-RN

    Mount Sinai

    It took me a year and few months to get an actual nursing job. My first job was per diem with an agency at an adult daycare facility. Then came flu shots with mollen. Then finally i got an med-surg/tele job at an hospital in philly. It was a sad an depressive time. But i eventually got one. Get a job where u can..even if its not where u want
  2. VRN-RN

    Mount Sinai

    i have applied to Mount. Sinai since i first received my NY license back in 10. I just kept applying online 3 positions at time. like every 2months. i had gone to career fairs. the recruiter had said that she thought she saw my resume at some point from one of the fairs. but at that time i was fresh out of school looking for jobs everywhere i can think of. i am one year 2 months into med-surg/tele i had applied recently it wasnt for the position i wanted but... they called me one day for interview. i went.. interviewed and was hired same day!!! from what i can see.. i am going to love Mount sinai and cant wait to start!! i didnt not have the feeling i had when i started my first job.. i was desperate and needed to get my foot in door, even if it wasn't my dream job. Mount Sinai, NYC my dream job and dream city!! i cant wait to start. all i have to say.. is 1. Don't give up. if you get a job, but not where u want, go for it, get the experience 2. Go to career fairs that will have the hospital you want to work at 3. show that you are willing to go great lenghts that you want that job! i live in south jersey, originally from noth jersey. i went all the way to NYC to interview, that shows alot. 4. stop by recruitment office and personally hand them your resume so they can see you, put a face to your online resume. are you new RN?
  3. VRN-RN

    Mount Sinai

    the 2nd best day of my nursing career. NYC here i come
  4. VRN-RN

    Mount Sinai

    hello fellow nurses. i wanted to get some insight in nursing at mount sinai medical center. what is is like, nurse:patient ratio on med-surg unit. what is night shift like? etc please fill me in. ty
  5. VRN-RN

    How long? how many?

    Ok.. im up early looking for jobs.. boredom is starting to get to me while job hunting but can't give up.. so this is for new grads looking for jobs. Post when you graduated, when you took boards, how long have you been on the job hunt, and how many interviews have you had? i did per diem work as an RN at an Adult Day Care facility, problem was it wasn't long enough. i guess some experience is better than none. Signed up with mollen immunization. Graduated in: 12/09 Passed NCLEX: Feb. 18th (1st try!) Job Hunt: 7 months and counting Interviews: 1 lousy interview!! 1! Boy keeping your head up high is hard!
  6. VRN-RN

    SUNY Downstate

    ok thanks. the search continues
  7. VRN-RN

    I passed Nclex with 90-110 questions

  8. VRN-RN

    SUNY Downstate

    has anyone applied for new grad position at SUNY? I saw they had like 4 orientation dates coming up for new grads..
  9. VRN-RN

    How many of you hate your job?

    ok.. im a new nurse.. and i have seen experienced nurses do lots and lots and lots of work. It is not an easy job... you have so much to deal with at once. the nurses i have come across work their asses off (excuse my language) everyday...not counting those lazy nurses (trust me i have noticed those too). i don't know if your a nurse or not.. but you shouldn't assume nursing as not being "that HARD" of a job unless you have placed yourself in a Rn's shoes.
  10. VRN-RN

    New Grad Jobs

    i was nurse extern as part of my co-op nursing program. worked at this one hospital for one year... this was back in 07-08 though..and they are on hiring freeze right now..
  11. VRN-RN

    At last, an interview!!

    after 6 months of searching and applying i have my first interview tomorrow at and Assisted living place in north jersey!! which means i would have to relocate because i'm in south jersey(1hr or so) and they need someone 5 days a week.. I'm excited and nervous at same time! OMG! i don't know what they are going to ask me! but i will prepare myself well
  12. VRN-RN

    Hesi Exit Exam Help!

    honestly with the hesi it doesn't matter how much of the core material you know or how much you study. the key to passing hesi is getting used the question style. hesi is all about test taking. when you practice questions... try to pick the question apart. look for key words that would link to the answer.. use process of elimination. that helped me a lot. Get all the math questions correct.. Know how and when a nurse is allowed to delegate care to lpn and UAP.. Therapeutic communication was also big on hesi too. and most importantly DO NOT CHANGE YOUR ANSWER..
  13. VRN-RN


    Congrats and thanks for the encouragement
  14. VRN-RN

    Biggest Misconception about nurses you've heard

    :yeah:amen.. i concur with that.. been searching since February for a job now.. and the search still continues.. licensed in NJ, PA , & NY and still no JOB!!
  15. VRN-RN


    your welcome.. i just noticed the grey part has the date it was posted.. some are recent and some are not so..
  16. VRN-RN

    Man eaten by maggots

    EEEEEEEHHHHHH. now my skin itches and irritated and uggghhhh