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  1. I was just hired to work as a surgical nursing assistant in the cath lab at my hospital and I'm very excited to start. Thing is I have never worked in the cath lab before, but I have worked as a nursing assistant on other floors. What are the job duties for a surgical nursing assistant there? What are their tasks? What's a typical day like? Any answers will help. Thank you.
  2. 3 weeks ago, I had another job interview at where I work at. I am currently waiting for a transfer. Where I interviewed at was actually a Cardiac Cath lab as a Surgical Nursing Assistant. The interview was fast, but went well in my opinion. Then one of the nurses showed me around and it seems like a really nice facility that I could be working at. And the staff was friendly. After, the boss gave me his business card and I went on my way. Then I find out that they called my reference, which is a really good one. It's been over 3 weeks now and a month. What do you think is going on? DO you think they are waiting for the paperwork, or do you think they have found someone else? Should I follow up on them or should I still wait? Because I can't wait over a month. That has happened to me before and I didn't get the job. Please, I need any advice that can be given to me. Thank you.
  3. oh ok thanks! What about interview questions?
  4. I know there's lots of posts to find on here about interviews, but this is important. I applied for a full time position for a Nurse tech at Pre-Surgery. I have no experience in there but have lots of experience with acute rehab and floating to other floors. I need to know what kind of questions they will ask for a CNA for the OR. It's a new environment, and I have been applying for jobs for months but always get denied. Whatever anyone can give me will help, because I want answers just specifically for the OR. Also, what do cnas do at pre-surgery? What is their job duties?
  5. NTechTruth

    Float Pool, CNA

    I have been trying to find a full time job right now, but really no luck. I have tried places from surgery, to central sterile tech, to even an environmental aide, but still I get denied. What's funny is that I have had 7 years experience working at a hospital, a first time job at a hospital of all places, and I still get denied. I don't understand what the employees are looking for, because I have plenty of experience in the healthcare field. What's funny is that I applied to the places even the hospital where I work at! But after some thinking, I decided to apply for float pool. Why, because I have lots of experience in floating. On my unit before I transitioned to another job, I was floated once every week to another unit. The first time I did that, it was hard, because the unit I worked at was a rehab unit, and it was a WHOLE different experience. In rehab, I only took vitals once every 12 hours and had to round. It was a laid back floor, even if it was busy. And I usually had a few patients, but when I floated, I had about 15 patients, and I had to take vitals every four hours, which was hard. I hated floating when I first started, but in time, I got in the routine of it, and there were times where I wanted to float instead of being on my unit. Especially days on weekend, because I had to get almost all of my patients ready for weekend therapy, and it was pretty bad. That's one of the reasons why I will NOT work as a day cna anymore. For a while, I have been debating whether to apply for night shift again because of float pool. And today, I decided to apply, because I think floating is the best thing for me right now. Having to go through it already many times, I have lots of experience floating days and nights, and I think it's better for me to experience different things. Even going to another department in my unit, I just feel that I'm not going anywhere anymore. I feel like I have been taken advantage of by my supervisor, because I have worked so hard and it doesn't seem to matter to her. She always feels like I have to do something and orders me around, and not in a nice way. She can be nice if she HAS to, but otherwise I don't want to work for her anymore. I feel like being on both sides of the unit isn't enough for me anymore, and my heart's not into it. For floating, I know there's risks of being on the floor all by myself, as I have experienced it many times. Yes, I do feel bad that I can't give the best of care, but now I understand I must do what I can. If something wrong happens, I did what I could, and they can't take the blame on me. If it's fully staffed, then that's another story. Plus, there's risk that they will give me the crappy assignments, but hey, who said any work was going to be easy? I know that the hours may not be available, but for now that's not an issue, until something happens. But I know for a fact that they need people right now. The big plus side for me,is that I am already there working at the hospital, so there's a greater chance that I will get the position, and I already know most of the hospital. Another factor is that I don't have to answer to anyone but the hospital. Honestly, I am a person who wants to work and go home, and I don't like all the group stuff, like taking pictures, hanging out with staff in and out of work, gossip, and the drama/politics. I like to talk to co workers, but most of the time most of them just talk a lot and I don't like engaging with that. I just want to do my work, and go home. I do hear that I can make my own schedule, and that will come in handy for me, because I do plan on taking a trip some where and with my current job, I don't think that's possible. The pay is a lot better too, so as I hear. I really need a higher paying job again as I got a car, and I want to get some kind of affordable health insurance. I know they may not provide benefits, but if I can get something, then that's something for me. Sitting, the best thing about floating. Watching a patient for 12 hours is something I like to do. One on one care for me is easier, as I only have to focus on the one patient. I know I may be pulled over to other units, but I feel like I like to work at different places. I feel this is the right move for me, because of my experiences in the past. And I do feel confident about it. I know there will be hard days but at some point we have to grow up. If any cna has been in float pool, can you tell me your experiences?
  6. NTechTruth

    It's Time To Go

    This past year, being a CNA has really opened my eyes to a lot of things. Made me understand how things really work in nursing. From patient care to politics, I've been through it all. Recently, my eyes have opened more working this past weekend on a night shift, and I realized something. I can't do this anymore. I have been a CNA for over four years. Back in 2012, I was a fresh, young assistant with a first job ever! Yes, it was hard, and I had my moments. From working nights to days, then leaving my job to go back to school, and then going back again after school didn't work out was a lot, but an experience that made me a better person. When I came back, everything was basically the same, until I started to notice something. I saw the decline of nursing coming. People are getting sicker, heavier, and that's not even the big part. What's disturbing is that most people just don't care. Only a small amount of people who have a heart and actually cares exist. But as time will prove again and again, they will disspear, and soon the storm will come. In fact, it's getting closer and closer every time I come into work. Bosses are more demanding then ever, CNA's now don't do what they are supposed to do, more nurses are now refusing to help, and a big one, one to no CNA on a unit. Overall, they expect you to give the best care no matter what, and that's something I can't continue to do. The past weekend I was working, and Saturday an Sunday nights was the big eye opener. I had to work on another floor, and a CNA I knew had a floor to herself. The floor I went to had eight total care patients with a CNA and only two nurses. In fact, a nurse asked me to give her a hug because they needed a CNA on the floor. I appreciated that, but it wouldn't matter, as the night was a nightmare. A few hours later, the supervisor called, telling me I had to go back to my floor. I was surprised, as I knew the nurses needed me there. They asked me to stay because we didn't have time to check or turn most of the patients. They didn't want me to leave, and I knew I couldn't leave either. For example, one room I was going in and out of constantly because the patient was pooping and screaming. The nurse helped, but at the wrong time. It was time for meds for her patients, and she just told me to leave the patient there. Even though I didn't agree, I had no choice. So we left the patient there for a while, and there was nothing we could do. Before I left, the nurse called the supervisor trying to find another CNA, because it was just too much for two female nurses and you know what she said? "Just do what you can." So, I go back to my floor and I find out that the other CNA left, because she was sick, due to having the whole floor to herself and being stressed out about it. Now, I didn't know if it was true, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt, because it was really that bad. Only two nurses on the floor with a charge nurse... One of the nurses was surprised that a hospital would do something like this. I told her that this was nothing was new, and that they do it all the time. They just don't care. And she had an important point that was crucial. People could loose their licenses over it. The next night, I have the whole floor, again. I was upset, but I did what I had to do. But even when I think about it, it's just not right. The only reason I even worked on the floor by myself was because it was my floor, and I knew the nurses. But if it was somewhere else, you can forget about it. Something got me angry that night. A nurse was giving another nurse report on one patient, and she told her that the patient complained because "no one came last night," and told everybody . The nurse leaving the shift had the nerve to tell me to check on the patient frequently. I didn't get angry, but upset because I told her "look, I have the whole floor to myself. What do you want me to do?" Of course she told me to give the patient the call light, and I did check when I had time, but I felt that they were putting the blame on me, and I wasn't even on the floor the first half of the night. Plus, when I came I did go to that patient a few times, but what more could I do? Even with the nurse's help, it was still too much. I know people are going to say to work somewhere else, but I hear stories every where that nursing is getting worse. It's just not happening at the hospital, but basically everywhere. If this is what nursing is coming to, then I want no part of it. I still like helping people, and I still want to be in healthcare, but not for nursing. Every time I go to work, I want to give the best care I can give. But now when I go to work, I feel pressured on what group I'm going to have. What nurse I'm going to have. Where I'm being sent to on another floor. How can I do that with so much pressure? Why does higher management make people go through this, and think nothing of it? Why isn't the issue being addressed? Because they don't feel the need to. And that's the problem. I had people tell me to share my concerns to the right people, but I just don't care anymore. For a long time, I had to go through of what nursing is becoming, a nightmare coming. A start of the storm. And it's only going to get worse. I just know. And as long as their people who only care about profits and cooperate business, there won't be a change. I don't want to be that person who just says "do what you can." I hate being that person in not giving great care because people won't wake up and see what we see every time we take care of people. They don't want to understand what we have to go through. They won't listen to us, only their pockets, and that's what they get at the end of the day. What right do any of us have not to give the best care possible? Who are we to treat people who need our help? All I want to do now is just to do my job. I really don't care about the money, I just want to make sure I do my job good. But with more adding pressure as the days to come, It's just not enough anymore. Soon, I will find another job in healthcare, and I will put this behind me. It's time to hang it up. It's time to go.
  7. First off, I'm sorry for that rough night. And thanks. I do appreciate the kind words. The main reason why I wrote this post was to inform that this happens WAY too often. Where I work at, the situation is being overlooked. Too many times, a CNA is on a floor by themselves, and it's too much. A few times I understand. But happening frequently is another problem. Trust me, I hear stories that people do complain, and nothing is being done. I even knew someone who wrote a note to the manager after she had to take care of a step down unit all by herself. Last I heard, she told me that the manager didn't do anything. They don't do anything. And that's the problem. The more it happens, the worse it gets. I wasn't being a "drama" queen lol. But this was personal, and it still is. Especially because I understood how people felt when they have a whole floor on their hands. It sucks. And what was worse was that no one cared enough to bring someone else in. Not long ago, there was a meeting for two hours on the floor where I worked at, asking us how to make better changes. You see, our survey scores were bombed, which meant it was THAT bad. We discussed what the problems were, and what needed to be changed. You know what I did? I laughed. Throughout the whole thing. The things they were talking about were the same things that needed to be fixed. And you know what? No one does anything about it.. I had a good co worker who was there for five years. When I started, he complained about some things including what I talked about,and didn't understand why they would continue to do it like this. So, he had a tech meeting. A TECH meeting. Where all the techs would go to the MANAGER to discuss the problems. I wasn't there, but I know that having a whole floor was a big issue when going to another floor. He tried some more, but no one cared. So, he left. What more could he do? He realized the same thing I am realizing right now. Certain people don't care about what it means to be in healthcare anymore. It's all cooperate, and it's all about money. So yeah, I don't take the complaints up higher. Wanna know why? Because the problem will never be solved. People will come up with excuses that I can't argue with. Plus, it's a waste of my time and breath. Alias, I will still do my job, I will still give great care, and when that day comes, I will just say no. It has been a great experience, but there's worse things in life than loosing a job. I will find another one eventually, and I know it will be hard. Believe me, I completely agree with you. But someone can only go so far. Soon, there's no point in fighting anymore. I just wanted to vent. At least that's something. Take care. :)
  8. Thanks for all the kind words people :)
  9. Thanks for your kind words :)
  10. NTechTruth

    My Managers steal from the budget???

    This one wasn't "negative." I was just asking a question. People just don't understand lol.
  11. Honestly, I feel nursing is coming to a point where it's going to be a point where as I like to call it from a words of a famous director, "cultural genocide." Most people don't care about taking care of people anymore. It's about the money. Only a few people care about giving great care for people. I'm done talking about this.
  12. Don't get me wrong I like helping people, but nursing has gone bad and it will get worse. There's other things I can do in the health field.
  13. I've been a cna for two years now. I just can't deal with iy anymore. Thanks for the kind words.
  14. I would if they care to listen but they don't. And yes I'm in the process of finding another job. In all honesty it's mostly nursing that doesn't care.
  15. I know nurses have more on their hands. But thst doesn't mean we don't.
  16. Just calling out the company is fine with me. I'm not gonna be an idiot and call out where I work at lol. I'm just venting for Christ's sake.