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nursing#101 has 2 years experience as a BSN and specializes in MedSurg.

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  1. New NP pay

    Thank you so much! I didn't think new grads would get much experience to negotiate so good to know so I don't try. I will be happy if I could get a job with good learning opportunities, good working environment/culture. I would think for PG and Howar...
  2. New NP pay

    Hi guys. did anyone work as FNP in Maryland especially as a new grad. I have a long ways to go before I graduate considering I just started school but I would like to know what I'm getting into to prepare early. I hope to make at least 100k as an FNP...
  3. NP Starting Salary range in Maryland area?

    Hi @tachybradyRN How did your FNP job search go? I am currently in FNP school and am having the same issue where the listed salaries are so vague. I am interested mostly in the PG and Howard County Area but would think about Baltimore if there is a b...
  4. Bradley University

    Hi Bree. Did you end up going to Bradley? I'm starting in April and just wanted to see what you think of it so far if you did go. thanks
  5. MD RN License Renewal

    Hi I'm in the process of renewing my license as well. On the credentials page where it asks you which license you want to renew we just need to choose active and ignore the advanced practice options below that option? My RN license will still be rene...
  6. Maryville FNP or any other FNP program

    I am actually considering Maryville as one of my top schools to apply. I did not get that experience of harassment phone calls. they have only called me twice each several months apart just to make sure I am interested and answering my questions. the...
  7. Nurse Practitioner -FNP

    Hi all, I'm interested in becoming an NP and have always planned to be a provider. I was wondering if FNPs can give me a better insight on what they do and the stress level. What do you like and don't like about it? Basically what will I be gett...
  8. Marymount FNP Fall 2020

    Hi I’m interested in Marymount FNP program. It would be great if you could talk a little about the admissions for you so far and if you could post an update on how you like it once you start? I’m not planning to start for another year or so and am lo...
  9. Maryville University BSN to DNP

    Hi Shadygirl, Thank you so much for answering all these posts. I actually am interested in Maryville's BSN to DNP program too. I was wondering if you were able to work during the years you have clinicals (at least part time)? Also, I live in Mar...
  10. Maryville University Nurse Pracitioner Program

    Hi guys, I am actually considering Maryville too for my DNP program. I wanted something that would be cheap and flexible with my work and family schedule. I've had some online classes before so I'm not too bothered by it. I'm more worried about ...
  11. Starting BSN Salary

    Hi guys, I'm graduating in December. Does anyone know what entry level (0 years rn experience) make at medstar? Preferably the medstar Georgetown University hospital in DC? Thanks!
  12. UMSON BSN Spring 2018

    I would suggest talking with the school. Explain the situation and grades.
  13. UMSON BSN Spring 2018

    Lol no worries. I feel you. I got wait-list 3 times before I got in on the forth time and fourth time was also waited. I deferred Marymount then deferred gw until I finally got into umson. Definitely retake AnP. They want to know you have a good foun...
  14. UMSON BSN Spring 2018

    Don't give up. It doesn't matter which campus or which semester. Just depends on who applies to each and their stats. Retake your classes. U can still apply so long as your classes (prerequisites) will be completed before first day of class with B or...
  15. UMSON BSN Spring 2018

    Gpa 3.0 so with repeat probably 2.9.