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  1. nursing#101

    Nurse Practitioner -FNP

    Hi all, I'm interested in becoming an NP and have always planned to be a provider. I was wondering if FNPs can give me a better insight on what they do and the stress level. What do you like and don't like about it? Basically what will I be getting myself into. I want to settle down with a family later and a 9 to 5 job as a provider at an office is best for me but I am open to other options as well. If FNPs can talk about what their day is like and what type of location or setting you are working at (I.e. office, hospital, home health ect.) that would be great. Thank you very much.
  2. nursing#101

    Marymount FNP Fall 2020

    Hi I’m interested in Marymount FNP program. It would be great if you could talk a little about the admissions for you so far and if you could post an update on how you like it once you start? I’m not planning to start for another year or so and am looking at schools now. Thank you!
  3. nursing#101

    Maryville University BSN to DNP

    Hi Shadygirl, Thank you so much for answering all these posts. I actually am interested in Maryville's BSN to DNP program too. I was wondering if you were able to work during the years you have clinicals (at least part time)? Also, I live in Maryland which is nowhere near Maryville. Do you think it would be a problem getting placed at clinical sites close to home? Also how long were you an RN before you applied to this program? I am thinking of applying to this program after I have gotten a little over a year of RN experience and am afraid that I won't be as competitive enough considering my GPA is not that great either. Thank you so much for your advices and input. Also for those who have applied to this program, how are you guys liking it so far and what is the likelihood of me getting in since my GPA is low (2.93 graduated from University of Maryland). Currently working in one of the john hopkins system hospitals and what can I do in the meantime to boost my chance of getting accepted. Thanks everyone and stay safe!
  4. nursing#101

    Maryville University Nurse Pracitioner Program

    Hi guys, I am actually considering Maryville too for my DNP program. I wanted something that would be cheap and flexible with my work and family schedule. I've had some online classes before so I'm not too bothered by it. I'm more worried about getting placement for practicum and clinical experience since I do not live in that area. I live in Maryland and do not want to end up being placed in a far away place for clinicals. For those who are currently in the program or have graduated from their program could you let me know how the placements work and have you been able to get the majority if not all of your placements close to home? also how often do the prices go up per semester? Right now it's around $900 per credit hour and that is so much cheaper than any school near my home. Any suggestions or insight is much appreciated.
  5. nursing#101

    Starting BSN Salary

    Hi guys, I'm graduating in December. Does anyone know what entry level (0 years rn experience) make at medstar? Preferably the medstar Georgetown University hospital in DC? Thanks!
  6. nursing#101

    UMSON BSN Spring 2018

    I would suggest talking with the school. Explain the situation and grades.
  7. nursing#101

    UMSON BSN Spring 2018

    Lol no worries. I feel you. I got wait-list 3 times before I got in on the forth time and fourth time was also waited. I deferred Marymount then deferred gw until I finally got into umson. Definitely retake AnP. They want to know you have a good foundation on both 1&2. If u can retake the courses with C to bring up gpa as well as prerequisites look good. O just did practice exams for teas. Barnes I think. Got it at local library. Also since u seem to have problems in those courses I suggest get the review book as well as practice exams. Another good one is McGraw. Kaplan works too.
  8. nursing#101

    UMSON BSN Spring 2018

    Don't give up. It doesn't matter which campus or which semester. Just depends on who applies to each and their stats. Retake your classes. U can still apply so long as your classes (prerequisites) will be completed before first day of class with B or better.
  9. nursing#101

    UMSON BSN Spring 2018

    Gpa 3.0 so with repeat probably 2.9.
  10. nursing#101

    UMSON BSN Spring 2018

    Yes. 15 months but really expensive though and apartments expensive as well. Very nice people though.
  11. nursing#101

    UMSON BSN Spring 2018

    Hmm if gpa on the lower side, then try to get 90th percentile and above (advanced). Get healthcare experience/exposure whether by volunteering, shadowing, work or internship. Awards or activities. Try get your bls sooner. And of course luck í ½í¸„
  12. nursing#101

    UMSON BSN Spring 2018

    Thank you very much. Hopefully I get that email soon. It's making me nervous especially with orientation coming​ soon.
  13. nursing#101

    UMSON BSN Spring 2018

    How do you know that your $400 deposit is received? I got the letter during Thanksgiving so they were off. I paid online guys via check.
  14. nursing#101

    UMSON BSN Spring 2018

    Thank you very much. I originally planned to go to GW and I already ordered the stethoscope and blood pressure cuff from GW's partner company for discounted price. Got both for 110 and free shipping is if it's shipped to the school. Since I'm going to UMSON now, I'm trying to figure out how to get the equipment from them since it's cheaper. Thanks for your input. :)
  15. nursing#101

    UMSON BSN Spring 2018

    Hi guys. For those who got accepted early have you looked into supplies such as the stethoscope and blood pressure cuff. If so do you know how much and which company umb uses. Thank you
  16. nursing#101

    UMSON BSN Spring 2018

    Thank you!!!! I don't know if it's because of you but I'm pulled off the wait-list!!!!! I just talked to Kelly and I'll admitted!!!! So happy!!!

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