FNP new grad / RN Florida 2021


Specializes in MedSurg. Has 2 years experience.


My mom wants to move to Florida so I will be moving with her. I am currently living in MD so I could get a Compact state license before moving. I've been reading past threads about FNP or RN jobs in FL from many years ago. Was wondering if there are any changes to FL nursing for both RN and NP jobs such as working environments and salaries. I am not an NP yet still in school. I'll either move before graduating or after graduating from NP school. If I'm moving before becoming an NP I was thinking about working in a clinic as an RN such as home infusion or vaccine RN instead of the hospital so I could still focus on school. I also heard hospital RNs can take up to 7 or 8 patients which I am not gonna do. My job right now is 1 to 6 ratio and that is already bad enough. Any news, suggestions or advice would be appreciated. I'm thinking more of the Orlando area or cities near Orlando like Sanford. Thanks!