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  1. How to answer this?

    Exactly, this is why I am so confused about “how are you going to develop commitment to diversity at our campus?” Like, what am I supposed to do? I just wrote that I understand the importance of supporting it and I will share my perspective and contr...
  2. How to answer this?

    I kind of did that. I talk about my experiences which made me realize how important diversity is and what I learned from it… etc. so. I am bringing this perspective and spirit of inclusivity to campus. I just feel I am not answering the question righ...
  3. How to answer this?

    I am applying to graduate school and not sure if I understand this question correctly. “What does it mean to have a commitment to diversity? How will you develop and apply diversity at XY university?” I am confused about the “develop and ap...
  4. Is this odd to state?

    I am applying to DNP program. One of the questions is discuss short and long term goals. I wrote that I envision myself working as NP and in long run moving to a leadership position. My reasoning is get some experience as a provider and then move to ...
  5. EBP in psych

    Oh OK. Well, as I said close observation q15, COWS, Columbia Suicide scale, use of restraints (though restraints are not favorite and ebp is trying to reduce its use)… cant think of anything else strictly related to psych.
  6. EBP in psych

    I have. I can’t understand the second part of your question, so unfortunately can’t reply to you.
  7. How to answer this question?

    Unfortunately I haven’t done any extra work when it comes to research or project. I was on wound committee. I worked on tele, ICU and finally in psych. I am applying to psych NP Program. I was thinking of just mentioning few EBS like Columbia scale, ...
  8. How to answer this question?

    I am preparing my NP school application and I am possibly overthinking it but I am stuck on one particular question. Describe your experience with EBP? I am not sure what they want to hear. Do I just list few examples and explain how these practices ...
  9. EBP in psych

    I was wondering what are some examples of evidence based practice in psych. I can think maybe of close observation q15 min and use of restraints, 1:1 for suicidal patients… Any other examples?
  10. Is charge nurse considered supervisory position?

    At my facility it is mostly the nurse with most experience (and who has been trained) but we are rotating (I am also one of the charge nurses on certain days sometimes).
  11. Is charge nurse considered supervisory position?

    Hello, I am applying to a graduate school and they want three LOR from a person in managerial/supervisory role. I already secured two from my two managers and was thinking of asking my charge nurse for the third one. Is charge nurse a sup...
  12. Giving False Bad Reference

    One of my coworkers who I trust told me what happened during the week I wasn’t there. When he told me that I remembered what she said about the other nurse and how she has to tell the “truth”. And it makes sense, if she already did it once, she will ...
  13. Giving False Bad Reference

    I am not entirely sure if it was HR but it definitely was someone from the other hospital asking for the employee who is a reference. They were put on hold and then charge nurse answered the phone. Seems like her ex was really bad in their relationsh...
  14. Giving False Bad Reference

    I recently learned about this situation that happened on my floor. One of our charge nurses used to date another team member who left the hospital and moved to another state. When looking for a job in another state, he of course, relied on another te...
  15. Immense guilt

    Thanks to all who responded. Yes, I know PICC lines stop drawing blood sometimes. But in my case it stopped flushing (only one port, the one I drew blood from in the AM). The other one where dopa was infusing was fine and it draws blood. So I switche...