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Need help with nurse practitioner school application question?

I am preparing my NP school application and I am possibly overthinking it but I am stuck on one particular question. Describe your experience with EBP? I am not sure what they want to hear. Do I just list few examples and explain how these practices help patient outcomes…? Am I completely missing the point of this question?



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You can take that in many directions I think. You could definitely take a practice you have seen implemented and describe how it improved outcomes, you could discuss how research you have done has impacted your own practice- which would definitely be a smaller scope answer, but more personal. I don't think you're missing the point, unless I am as well. Good luck. 


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Try not to overthink. If you have been involved in any research studies as a co-investigator, PI, or even study participant you could discuss that.  If you are on any nursing councils or hospital groups that work on projects, if you have had to do an lit revews, etc.  Think about if there have been any practice changes and if that impacted you in any way.

Unfortunately I haven’t done any extra work when it comes to research or project. I was on wound committee. I worked on tele, ICU and finally in psych. I am applying to psych NP Program. I was thinking of just mentioning few EBS like Columbia scale, COWS, and how it helps us nurses as well as patients and informs our decisions… I may add few more from medical floor but honestly, I don't think that is what they are looking for.