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T_Petes has 2 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Postpartum.

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  1. Hi all! I am in WGU's MSN - Leadership and Management program and I am looking for a preceptor. Unfortunately, my unit is going through a management change and the current managers are interim and they will not be renewing their contract in Apri...
  2. COVID-19: Pearson VUE test cancellation

    I would definitely keep it on the 29th as well. Driving 3 hours would add that much more stress to an already stressful situation. Good luck you guys!
  3. COVID-19: Pearson VUE test cancellation

    I just passed my last final of nursing school! Waiting to get my authorization to test e-mail and I'm interested to see how far out I'll have to schedule.
  4. COVID-19: Pearson VUE test cancellation

    My graduating class has been in touch with many of the Seattle area hospitals and so far no one is on a hiring freeze. All of the nurse residencies are going on, as planned. As for testing centers, I am hoping they'll reopen in a few months. It took...
  5. COVID-19: Pearson VUE test cancellation

    http://chng.it/tpYhLSndYN We've started a petition to get them to allow us to take the NCLEX. We need more nurses now than ever before. Please take a minute to sign!
  6. Shoreline CC Part-time Fall 2018

    Hey guys, I ended up making it in off the waitlist for the Spring quarter. Cut off was 105.5 and I had 104.85, so just know there is hope even if you get waitlisted. If you guys have any questions, let me know and I'll try to answer them! Good luck t...
  7. Shoreline CC Nursing Spring 2018

    I hope everyone is ready for school to start on Wednesday! I wanted to see how many of you guys were going to take NURS 094? I registered for it but I'm still on the fence on whether I should take it or not.
  8. Shoreline CC Nursing Spring 2018

    I used psych 101 and medical terminology. I'm not sure if they'll let you use Nutrition since it's a required prerequisite but maybe?? From what I've heard, you can pretty much use any class as long as you are able to write a little paragraph stating...
  9. Shoreline CC Nursing Spring 2018

    YOU GUYS!! I JUST GOT THE CALL AND WAS ACCEPTED INTO THE PROGRAM!! I hope it's totally normal to be in tears right now, because I am! I'll see you all tomorrow!
  10. I don't know if you have any interest in moving to the PNW, but I'm currently a unit tech on a labor/delivery/postpartum unit and I know the hospital has a RN residency program for new grads. If you're interested, check out Evergreen Hospital's websi...
  11. Hey guys! I thought I would start a thread for all of us Shoreline Community College Part-time applicants for Fall 2018. I'm currently on the waitlist for the Spring 2018 full-time program, but if I don't get in then I plan on applying to the part t...
  12. Shoreline CC Nursing Spring 2018

    Congratulations! I'll see you guys at the meeting on March 7th. Fingers crossed that some people decline their spot so I can join you all!
  13. Shoreline CC Nursing Spring 2018

    Hey MPaige, did you get your letter?? Hoping you got your 105.9 points and made it in :)
  14. Shoreline CC Nursing Spring 2018

    Hey guys, just got the letter and I made it into the waitlist! The minimum cut off was 105.50. Congratulations to everyone and hopefully I'll be seeing you in April!
  15. Shoreline CC Nursing Spring 2018

    Hey Hady, thanks for the heads up! Do you know if the cut off was 105.0 or a little higher? I had 104.85 so I'm hoping maybe that will be enough to make the waitlist! Congratulations to everyone!