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FatsWaller has 8 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Pre-hospital Critical Care.

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  1. FatsWaller

    ED training panel interview

    Not sure what experience you have before the 2 years in MS, but ED is a very different animal then MS. It is much more task driven and fast paced. You will no longer be be doing full assessments on your patients, but focused assessments. ER is a huge...
  2. FatsWaller

    National University CRNA 2024

    Ya honestly little curious about this too, seems like a very lengthy way to go. If you already have the DNP, why not tack on the DNP in Nurse Anesthesia rather than the 3 additional years of a DNAP which doesn't count any of your DNP courses...
  3. FatsWaller

    National University CRNA 2024

    Ya, and they picked those two drugs because those are common in Neuro ICU. The best thing you can do is say you aren't too sure, that youll get back to them about it and send them an email thanking them for the interview, and the answer. "Hi thank yo...
  4. FatsWaller

    National University CRNA 2024

    What was your clinical experience? I've noted that dependent on an individuals experiences (more unique backgrounds), the questions tend to be more personality based rather than clinical. I also know it can depend on your resume. If you have a resume...
  5. FatsWaller

    National University CRNA 2024

    ER nurses for the win my dude! They definitely love pre-hospital and ED experience at National as we think completely differently, have peds/OB/diverse patient exposure and many have lots of airway experiences. Anyone who thinks ED experience isn't g...
  6. I appreciate the response and the advice. I've wanted this path ever since starting RN school so I know its what I want and there are a lot of reasons for it. I know just based on the nursing skills I have now and the way I think Ill make an amazing ...
  7. Hey all, looking for insight or recommendations for online MSN ED. Programs that provide actual grades/GPA. WGU and Capella only do “competency based” and I’ll need a GPA to be able to move on to CRNA one day. Any Help or advice is much appreciate...
  8. FatsWaller

    Capella, or other recommendations with a goal of CRNA

  9. long story kinda short, I’m one of the people whose path to CRNA will be much longer than most. I’ve come to terms with that and I’m willing to do what it takes. That being said, my first undergraduate degree (10 years ago) was a complete failure GPA...
  10. FatsWaller

    Hate my new hospital culture 2 days in, is it me?

    Very few protocols, about 5 or 6, of which the majority is just lab work orders. And they do not include very much. The cardiac protocol does not even have an EKG as part of it. And it has been made very clear we are not to initiate the orders if it ...
  11. FatsWaller

    Hate my new hospital culture 2 days in, is it me?

    I am glad to know someone else here who has worked there agrees. I know I am not the only one. In fact, it's sad, many of the staff I have talked to say they cannot stand working there and hate. Because so many hate working here the overall attitudes...
  12. Super quick background on myself, born and raised in California, went to undergrad in Oregon went to RN school in Kentucky. Got a job at a trauma heavy, busy, high acuity Trauma I center following graduation and was thrown right into sick patients, c...
  13. FatsWaller

    "I Narcanned Your Honor Student"

    I mean I am not saying that everyone can't cope differently. How you cope with this profession is not mine or any one else's business. OP said that this message "Deeply Disturbed" him/her, and its my observation/opinion that if a simple sticker deepl...
  14. FatsWaller

    "I Narcanned Your Honor Student"

    This bumper sticker is on my clipboard at work If you don't get it or find it insulting/inappropriate, you are in for a world of hurt if you end up working as a nurse, especially in ER/ICU/Psych. When you Narcan the exact same people every SHIFT! I ...
  15. I do find it interesting that California, as usual is one of the top states "suffering" from a nursing shortage, but is one of the states that also makes if extremely hard for a new graduate RN to find a job. I had to relocate to Kentucky just to lan...