Where did you Re-take your science Pre-reqs, and is a masters beneficial?

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long story kinda short, I’m one of the people whose path to CRNA will be much longer than most. I’ve come to terms with that and I’m willing to do what it takes. That being said, my first undergraduate degree (10 years ago) was a complete failure GPA wise. It was a human physiology degree, and I butchered chem, bio and physics (stupid teenager). I then took microbio, nutrition, etc. at a CC and I got all As. And then got into an accel 12 month BSN which I didn’t do horrible but not stellar either (all As and Bs and some B- so I got a 3.19 GPA). So basically my cumulative is still trash, barring me from applying to most schools.

I know I need to retake Gen. Chem, take a Bio, maybe Ochem and Biochem. I’m also going to retake anatomy II, because I took it in Summer over just 4 weeks in my undergrad and got a C+.

I Know there are tons of Online colleges, and the threads here are full of them, but I notice a lot of the posts are very old (2010,13,14). What I’m wondering is, now that online courses are more widely acceptable, are there any good institutions to get these done at, and improve my application? And if so, with the uncertainty of covid closures, how are tests done if not at testing center?

I know some use a program to remotely watch you. And then I hear some let you find a proctor? Seems shady but would likely be easier to test (More comfortable environment).

I see UNE mentioned a lot here but have heard bad things lately and that their Ochem is ridiculously hard?

MGH Institute of health professionals is tossed around somtimes but I don’t see any new comments about it.

Doane university I've seen mentioned once or twice.

and then UC Berkeley extension program which I've heard isn’t very good?

The short of it is, I want to make sure I learn and prepare for school, but I also need to score all As. I can and will put in the work, I know these aren’t simple courses. But I don’t want to be doomed from the start.

once I repeat these courses and get all As, obviously my GPA still isn’t going to be improved very much cumulatively considering my first undergrad was 200 credits. So has anyone maybe went and did an MSN in like informatics/admin/education etc so their non-nursing undergrad isn’t looked at to heavily?

I appreciate Any insight! It’ll be long road but the time will pass regardless.

I took biochem at UNE. It was hard, but also manageable. I assume you won't have a 'full load' while taking these classes so you should be able to perform as well as you are capable in these classes. CRNA school is hard, which is why they want you to demonstrate that you can understand the material and do well in school. I don't know you, but I hope that you find a path that makes you happy and fulfilled in life. The way you are talking makes me wonder if being a CRNA is the right path for you. You are having trouble with science classes, which is OK, you are still a good person. I would take a look inside yourself and decide why you want to take this route and what you need to do if you want to take this route.

With that being said, some schools may toss our your application due to your cumulative GPA, but some may look closer. It's probably a good thing to address in your personal statement somehow.

I am not trying to be mean, I just know that many people choose a path for reasons that are not always focused on their overall best interest. I am not saying this is -or is not- the path for you. If it is, you need to take the classes, focus, and buckle down. Getting in to school is fantastic, but the work of learning will not stop there.

Good luck to you!


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I appreciate the response and the advice. I've wanted this path ever since starting RN school so I know its what I want and there are a lot of reasons for it. I know just based on the nursing skills I have now and the way I think Ill make an amazing CRNA. It's not being cocky, I've just looked into it a lot and talked with a lot and I know its a good fit. That being said, I just cant pick a different path, especially while watching some who are quite frankly, shoddy critical care RNs but scored well in college or ones who only want CRNA for the cash to continue to live my dream. I know it'll take me more time than most but like I said, I'm 28, I've got the time.

As far as having trouble in my sciences, eh. It was 10-11 years ago. I was a different person. 17 and 18 years old when I took Chem, physics, and Bio. I had no focus, no goals and was immensely immature (didn't study, went to parties). And I'm paying for it now. I have a lot of regrets, but I know that not pursing this and giving up would be the biggest one of all.