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  1. Where did you Re-take your science Pre-reqs, and is a masters beneficial?

    I took biochem at UNE. It was hard, but also manageable. I assume you won't have a 'full load' while taking these classes so you should be able to perform as well as you are capable in these classes. CRNA school is hard, which is why they want you to...
  2. Wanting to return to CRNA school

    Some schools will not accept classes from community colleges. I would suggest checking with the schools to which you want to apply. If your science GPA needs a boost, you could take 'elective' science classes, but I would suggest taking the required...
  3. St. Scholastica post-bacc

    Yes, it awards you a real life BSN. The program is heavily Public Health focused, but almost a complete majority of my class that graduated a few years ago is employed in the hospital. A few of us went directly into critical care, and more eventually...
  4. St. Mary's MN 2018 CRNA program

    You need to give them a call tomorrow. Good luck to ya!
  5. St. Mary's MN 2018 CRNA program

    Yea, it tells you on the bottom of the letter. I doubt I will get in for 2018 based on my number. What I didn't know before is that you are automatically enrolled for 2019 if you don't get in this year. So I'm pumped either way. It will give me more ...
  6. We flush with 20NS. RNs only change the cap before cultures.
  7. St. Mary's MN 2018 CRNA program

    I got waitlisted...
  8. St. Mary's MN 2018 CRNA program

  9. St. Mary's MN 2018 CRNA program

    My status says under review but I still haven't gotten a letter yet. Anyone else hear?