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  1. delish2015

    Nursing program for second coursers

    Nice! Good luck on your journey to become a RN.
  2. delish2015

    CA SNF RN's: What are your responsibilities?

    SNF is a good stepping stone especially if you are a fresh graduate. After I passed my NCLEX, 2 weeks later, I landed my first nursing job in a SNF facility in Oakland. It was a great experience but as you gain more experience, I felt like all the more my license was at risk, management issues, work-related issues. I felt very stressed as months passed by. I started looking for another job and 2 weeks later i got hired. Right now, I Am in a better environment, less stress. Good luck on your journey in a SNF.
  3. Hi! I thought I already answered this. You need to have a Social Security Number before you even start the process if you are applying in the state of California. I heard there are some other state wherein you don't need the US social security number.
  4. delish2015

    Bay Area hospitals hourly pay

    I know someone who works at Stanford hosp, her starting rate was $70/hr and my friend who works at Kaiser around $65/hr.
  5. delish2015

    Public Health as a New Grad?

    Is it difficult to work or be hired fir the state? Im planning phn or working for state. Right now, Im Gaining experience working in a snf.
  6. delish2015

    Applying for PHN Certification for California

    Yes i had that during my student nursing days back in Philippines. I guess the only way to do is submit the required documents if ca bon accepts it
  7. Anyone here who just recently applied for phn certification at CA BON? I just passed nclex and my passion is in public health, i like to serve the community.
  8. delish2015

    PHN Certification in California requirements

    Hi kung. Did you applied for phn cert already? Im planning also. Please give me your email so that we can communicate
  9. delish2015

    California Nursing license

    What materials did you use?
  10. delish2015

    Foreign Nursing Graduates reapplicarion to NCLEX-RN

    I took nclex last 2008 but failed. Then when i got here in Cali, decided to try again but feared of the concurrent issue, but i pursued. 2 years later, i am taking my nclex exam this coming april. BON did not tell me to go back school. You will neever know til you try. Good luck
  11. delish2015

    Foreign Graduate California Concurrency Issues - Success!

    off topic- i just got an email that i am eligible to take nclex. i graduated in the philippines (mindanao) batch 2006. took the nclex 2008 then failed. now that am here in cali, i decided to challenge nclex again. i was worried about the concurrency issues but i trusted my faith and my agency. now time to register at pearsov vue for att. i can do all things thru Christ.
  12. delish2015

    CGFNS CES report

    CGFNS needs an updated point person of your school to have the signature. Maybe your school has a new person assigned or signed the form you gave them. Thats what happened in my case and CGFNS sent a document to my school to update their point person.
  13. delish2015

    Sharing a news article on CA BON

    Hi guys, I am sharing a news article dated a couple of days ago re the CA BON slow processing. I am on the same boat with everyone else especially foreign graduates.
  14. haha I should also do that when the time comes. Am still in the process of gathering my requirements before I send them all to CA BRN. Am also a 2006 graduate back in PHL. I do hope that I will not have any deficiencies as well. Am so happy for you and goodluck on your exam.
  15. @inna - that's a great news for those who intends to challenge the NCLEX CA but is having doubts because of the concurrency issues. Do you know what your school sent? Perhaps a letter of explanation by your dean? Any inputs can help.
  16. How many months did it take for you to know the result of your application? You can search other threads for schools they went to.