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  1. You are definitely not alone! Taking care of yourself first is so important. I felt the exact same way, like I was not good enough to be a nurse and I let that get the best of me. And my mental health problems also came back to me because of nursing as well. If you feel it’s best to take a break from nursing just be honest with your employer, I was not open about how I felt due to being ashamed which resulted in being fired and if I could go back I would have just been honest and it probably would’ve ended better. Don’t make the same mistake I did! I’m sure they will understand and respect where you are coming from. Best wishes.
  2. Just wanted to say thanks for all the support you all really helped me get through such a rough week! I was honest with my previous employer about my situation and they had so many positive things to say about me and reminded me that I CAN do this. They accepted me with open arms and I was offered a position today. I have a few weeks before I start to continue improving my mental health and reflect on my mistakes, and I’m so motivated for this fresh start and to give it my all and be the best nurse I can possibly be! To anyone who may be going through this you’re not alone and feel free to reach out to me. Thanks again ya’ll ❤️
  3. Thank you, I keep coming back to your comment and rereading it to get through the day. Means a lot!
  4. I’m not sure if I’m replying right but thank you so much to those who commented so far. Great advice and I feel a teeny bit better. ❤️
  5. Hi everyone. Going through a bit of a traumatizing experience here. Yesterday I was fired during my first 90 days from a great job I had at a local hospital. The firing was 100% my fault. I’ve struggled with mental health issues on and off for along time, never reaching out for actual help, recently I once again found myself in a dark place. This resulted in me not caring about anything. I didn’t want to leave bed, had no energy, and also had a lot of anxiety about messing up at work. I called into work too many times which is why I was let go. I tried to explain what was going on but my boss was not nice to me during our last conversation before I left. I just wasn’t thinking clearly at all and never thought this could actually happen to me. This is my first time being fired. I take full responsibility for what happened and hate myself for it. The first thing I did was make an apt with my doctor because I knew I wouldn’t handle this well and I recognized I had a real problem if I really let myself get to the point where I didn’t care about everything I worked for. I’m now starting Zoloft and praying it may help me. I’m slightly panicking over money since I have no real support and I instantly contacted a bar I work at on the side and began picking up shifts. I also got in touch with my old boss at a hospital I was a C.N.A. at for 4 years, this facility was my “home” and I worked very hard there and had a good reputation, and the only reason I didn’t stay there is because there were no open positions when I graduated. My old boss said he’d love to have me on my old floor but isn’t able to make a position, but he said he’d be happy to help me get in on another floor and set up a time for me to meet with him tomorrow. I’m very grateful for this but I seriously don’t know how to go about explaining myself and why I need a new job right now. I don’t want to be dishonest but I don’t want to paint a bad picture for myself and have them see me as a unreliable person, because I wasn’t myself and I want to work on my internal issues and ensure this doesn’t become a pattern. I’ll never take any job for granted after this experience. Would it be really wrong to omit this from my resume and keep my last nursing job that I left 3 months ago on good terms and say I have only been working my side bartending job since? That’s what I’m tempted to do because I don’t know if the truth will hurt me... Or is honest best? This is my main network and to be able to have a job there would save my life right now. Last question, what are some ways I can stay positive and move on from this? I’m truly crushed and beating myself up about it so bad. The job I lost felt like a dream when I was hired and it’s haunting me knowing I messed it up. I’m so ashamed, when I went back to the bar everyone was asking me how my job was and I couldn’t even bring myself to tell them I got fired. I only told my boyfriend and my doctor, I’m way too ashamed for my friends/family and everyone who was so proud to know. I don’t want this new lack of confidence to show when I’m trying to find a new job, and I financially cannot just take time to re-evaluate myself, I need to get myself working full time ASAP. I’m just really struggling on how to deal with my emotions about it all.
  6. Hello all, I asked for advice on here last week but am looking for more. I’m a newer nurse and I’ve been working days on a cardiac stepdown unit since January and it’s been rough. My unit is very overwhelming- high patient turnover, very unstable patients, constant phone calls... And just a lack of passion for the area I’m working in. I truly dread my work days. I just don’t think bedside nursing is my thing or will ever be and I’ve been struggling to figure out why I even went into nursing. I recently was offered a position on nights at an inpatient behavioral health facility. The facility has an adult and adolescent unit, I told them I preferred adolescent mainly because I’m very small, other than that I don’t have much knowledge on which area would be better for me (input on both is appreciated). I applied because mental health has always been a passion of mine, and advocating and helping patients to have a better life is something that seems very rewarding. I’m truly not looking for an “easy” route here, and know I’ll have to deal with a lot of tough things in psych, I just want to find my niche in nursing and be able to say I love what I do, and cardiac/bedside is not it, I’ve grown to hate it. I’m just anxious because I’ve never worked in this area, and I don’t want to get into another job I don’t like. Can anyone out there who’s worked as a psych nurse, specifically with adolescents give me some advice? Thank you 🙂
  7. Hello, I’ve been visiting allnurses for a long time and love the info I find on here and I’m in need of some advice. I’m a newer nurse who graduated in December, after graduating I accepted a days position on a cardiac stepdown unit. I’ve learned so much and am thankful for this opportunity but I haven’t been happy at all. My unit is high stress, high patient turnover, many of my patients are unstable and going into V tach/V fib, having chest pain etc.. I get so burnt out because I never get time for a break, and when I do I’m constantly getting calls from doctors/families, I just never get a second to breath. I go home in tears more often than not and I just feel crabby and not myself both in and outside of work. I truly admire the nurses I work with and all they do but I just don’t think bedside nursing is something I can see myself doing for much longer. I have an interview coming up at a nights position at an inpatient behavioral health facility split into an adolescent and adult unit. I’ve always had a passion for psych and loved learning about it, I did my mental health clinicals at this facility and enjoyed it but didn’t get to do or see much as a student. I truly do think I’d be happier there, I’m not looking for “easier” and I’m fully aware no nursing job is easy, but not having to deal with unstable medical patients or get treated disrespectfully by family members is a plus for me. I just want to be able to say I love what I do. My two biggest questions are: Do assaults from patients happen often in psych facilities? This is one thing I’m nervous about. And also, if I ever decided in the future I want to transition back to medical, is 6 months RN experience enough? (I do have 4 years CNA exp in acute care as well). I’m not sure what my long term goals are, but I have considered studying psych more if it’s something I really enjoy. I’d really love to hear from nurses out there who switched to psych, are you happy with your decision? What’s a typical shift like for you? Thanks. 🙂
  8. So I got into my RN clinicals starting this winter and I ordered the Littmann cardiology IV stethoscope to use. After doing a little more research I am worried that I should have went with a cheaper one instead, I read that the sound is so good with this one that it makes it harder when learning.. As a nursing assistant I sometimes struggle hearing the beat on a manual BP so my thought was to get the one that I could hear everything "loud and clear" with. My program is an ADN but I do plan to go onto my BSN and then possibly to NP, and I plan to use this stethoscope I'm getting for as long as I can. So I'm just wondering what other nurses/nursing students thoughts are on this and if you guys think this one will still be okay for me when I'm learning in school... I should've done this before purchasing but just was way too excited. Thank you :)
  9. I'm looking for some advice, I've worked as a cna at a hospital for about a year and a half and am on the wait list for my RN clinicals, however I can't stand my job anymore. I like the 3 12 hour shifts a week and get paid decent, however they just do not care if we are staffed or not. I enjoy work on days we actually have staff but that's rare. It's normal for me to have at LEAST 10 patients and I work days on a busy med surge floor. I sometimes turn and lift very large patients alone (I barely weigh over 100) because I just cannot find someone to help me. I'm tired of working my butt off and still having it not be enough because of my work load. I'm tired of being expected to do everyone else's job on top of my own, and whenever a nurse or someone needs something I have to drop whatever I'm doing to help them. I want to stay at my job because I know it will bring my good opportunities when I finish school, however I've been having to drag myself to work and I lately I cannot sleep at all only the night before work, because I think I just know it's going to be a stressful day so I can't relax myself enough to sleep. I'm afraid to leave a great job but I don't know if it is worth my happiness at this point. I've been on the lookout for a waitressing job or something else that wouldn't put so much emotional and physical stress on me. I'm just looking for a little advice, am I right or wrong if I were to quit? Thanks

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