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  1. Hello. I’m about 7 months in to my first nursing job and seriously need some advice. I accepted a job on a cardiac stepdown unit out of school because I wanted to get the best experience possible, and while I’ve definitely learned a lot, I’ve hated every minute of it since I got off orientation. On my unit I get between 4-5 patients, commonly on drips, patients going into V tach/etc. all the time, constant admits and discharges on top of trying to keep a close eye on my unstable patients. Whenever something unexpected happens my anxiety gets out of control. And while I know patients/families are under stress and don’t mean it I’m tired of being treated with disrespect when I’m just trying to do my best. I stay almost an hour late everyday, never take a break and when I do I will get 10 calls from people about my patients. I truly tried to stay positive and just think of the experience but my days only seem to get worse and I cannot handle it. I feel like my mental health has deteriorated so much since working here. I have breakdowns a lot at work and my personality overall has just changed for the worse, both in and outside of work. The nurses/manager on my unit are nice and helpful but that only does so much. I’m so disappointed because I worked for 4 years as a CNA on a neuro/tele floor and loved it. I thought nursing was my thing. I miss just being able to focus on my patients and not have to deal with other issues all day. And now that I worked so hard to get where I am I absolutely hate it. Sometimes I wonder if I made the wrong career choice entirely. I wanted to stick it out for a year like everyone suggests but I just don’t see how it will do me any good at this point because I’m just so unhappy. I have an interview for an OR position and I’m praying it goes well. I don’t know much about OR nursing besides what I’ve researched on here but I do believe it would be a better fit for me. Does anyone have suggestions on other specialties that may suit me if this doesn’t work out? And any information on OR nursing would be greatly appreciated. And as for my mental health, what can I do? I know I can’t be the only one who’s felt this way. I just really need some advice. thank you.
  2. Hey guys, newer nurse here 6 months out from graduation. I’ve been working on a super busy cardiac stepdown unit and dislike it very much. While I’ve gotten great experience and feel like I’ve grown so much cardiac nursing and floor nursing isn’t where my heart is at. I’m really interested in ICU, I enjoy the environment and I like the idea of focusing in on my 2-3 critical patients rather than having 5 like my stepdown unit, where I feel like I don’t have the time to know every little thing about them. While I was in school I was a CNA on a neuro-surgical floor for 4 years and while it was very demanding I have to admit I really miss my neuro patients. I applied for a position in neuro trauma ICU that I’m waiting to hear back on, and I’m just wondering what you neuro ICU nurses do on a daily basis and if you enjoy it? Also, with me being a newer nurse I’m wondering if I have what it takes, how have newer nurses done in this setting? I’m pretty confident in my skills and although I was a CNA on a regular neuro surgical floor I’m somewhat familiar with caring for neuro patients.... advice? Thanks
  3. Hello! I’m a fairly new nurse (graduated in December) and I’ve been working on a BUSY cardiac stepdown unit since January. I’ve been hating my job since I got off orientation and feeling like I don’t belong in nursing because of it so I really need some advice. I’m very overwhelmed with how unstable these stepdown patients can be, the patients are very complex and have a lot going on besides just cardiac issues. I work days and I hate the constant flow of people, the families, docs, social work etc. all wanting something from me every minute. Constant new admits as soon as I discharge. Never having time to take a break or use the restroom. I did my leadership in cardiac so I felt like I had a good understanding of the heart but I’ve realized I’m not interested in it and it’s not for me. Before graduating I was a CNA for 4 years on a neuro-surgical floor and I loved it, the main reason was my amazing coworkers but also enjoyed working with the CVA and surgical patients. Unfortunately when I graduated the hospital I was at was under a hiring freeze so I had to go elsewhere. I’m just really confused on where to go from here. I know staying a full year on this floor would be best but I am so miserable. I came really close to taking a job in psych but an experienced nurse gave me the advice to stay on the medical side being so new. I know that one thing that may make me happier is night shift. I’m also somewhat interested in ICU, I like the idea of focusing in on a lower number of patients and knowing everything that’s going on. L&D also interests me however I know that’s hard to get into. My question is does anyone have any other suggestions of specialities I may be happier in? I know the first year is rough for all new nurses, but I don’t think my dislike for my job only comes from being new. I know i’m getting great experience but I don’t want to ruin my attitude toward nursing. Wherever I go next I just want to be happy. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  4. Hello all, I asked for advice on here last week but am looking for more. I’m a newer nurse and I’ve been working days on a cardiac stepdown unit since January and it’s been rough. My unit is very overwhelming- high patient turnover, very unstable patients, constant phone calls... And just a lack of passion for the area I’m working in. I truly dread my work days. I just don’t think bedside nursing is my thing or will ever be and I’ve been struggling to figure out why I even went into nursing. I recently was offered a position on nights at an inpatient behavioral health facility. The facility has an adult and adolescent unit, I told them I preferred adolescent mainly because I’m very small, other than that I don’t have much knowledge on which area would be better for me (input on both is appreciated). I applied because mental health has always been a passion of mine, and advocating and helping patients to have a better life is something that seems very rewarding. I’m truly not looking for an “easy” route here, and know I’ll have to deal with a lot of tough things in psych, I just want to find my niche in nursing and be able to say I love what I do, and cardiac/bedside is not it, I’ve grown to hate it. I’m just anxious because I’ve never worked in this area, and I don’t want to get into another job I don’t like. Can anyone out there who’s worked as a psych nurse, specifically with adolescents give me some advice? Thank you
  5. Hello, I’ve been visiting allnurses for a long time and love the info I find on here and I’m in need of some advice. I’m a newer nurse who graduated in December, after graduating I accepted a days position on a cardiac stepdown unit. I’ve learned so much and am thankful for this opportunity but I haven’t been happy at all. My unit is high stress, high patient turnover, many of my patients are unstable and going into V tach/V fib, having chest pain etc.. I get so burnt out because I never get time for a break, and when I do I’m constantly getting calls from doctors/families, I just never get a second to breath. I go home in tears more often than not and I just feel crabby and not myself both in and outside of work. I truly admire the nurses I work with and all they do but I just don’t think bedside nursing is something I can see myself doing for much longer. I have an interview coming up at a nights position at an inpatient behavioral health facility split into an adolescent and adult unit. I’ve always had a passion for psych and loved learning about it, I did my mental health clinicals at this facility and enjoyed it but didn’t get to do or see much as a student. I truly do think I’d be happier there, I’m not looking for “easier” and I’m fully aware no nursing job is easy, but not having to deal with unstable medical patients or get treated disrespectfully by family members is a plus for me. I just want to be able to say I love what I do. My two biggest questions are: Do assaults from patients happen often in psych facilities? This is one thing I’m nervous about. And also, if I ever decided in the future I want to transition back to medical, is 6 months RN experience enough? (I do have 4 years CNA exp in acute care as well). I’m not sure what my long term goals are, but I have considered studying psych more if it’s something I really enjoy. I’d really love to hear from nurses out there who switched to psych, are you happy with your decision? What’s a typical shift like for you? Thanks.