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nursechilespice has 2 years experience as a LPN.

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  1. nursechilespice

    Nursing Resource Team- RPN

    I got a Skype interview for a position in the Nursing Resource Team! I need tips for the interview like what kind of questions they would ask, how to sell myself with the experience I have, how to deal with interview anxiety, etc. I’ve been working on a vented complex continuing care floor as a float nurse for almost two years and I’ve been taking certification courses to help me get into a more acute setting so I’m really happy that I have this opportunity for an interview! any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated! thank you!
  2. nursechilespice

    Hoyer/ Ceiling Lift Safety?

    I guess incase of any malfunctions?
  3. nursechilespice

    Hoyer/ Ceiling Lift Safety?

    I know it decreases patient risk for falls when two caregivers are present during the transfer of a patient by ceiling/ hoyer lift, but I’ve seen a colleague do a successful transfer (I walked in as they were being lowered to bed) alone. I told them just to let me know ahead of time so I could help them, but it got me thinking- would management write them up (if it was the manager instead of me in that moment) even if there was no damage or injury done? I tried to look into my CCC hospital policy for ceiling lift but I couldn’t find anything... what would management do?
  4. nursechilespice

    Patient Threatens to go to Manager...

    So this is my second evening shift in a row working with the same assignment (on a CCC vented floor) two of my three patients are in the same room (let’s call them patients A, B and C) I was about 40 minutes late to feed patient A, because patient C was throwing up excessively after suctioning. i apologized to patient A, told him I was with alittle busy with patient C then patient A stated “you know what, I know you’re a nice person, but all weekend you’ve been a space cadet and I’m going to go to the manager because I don’t feel safe.” i asked him why he would say that, and his main points where: 1. Yesterday he said I gave his Advair (that he refused) at 2200 when it was supposed to be at 2000 (implying that I gave it late.) I told him his MAR is scheduled at 2200 but if he wants it earlier I could reschedule it- he was not pleased with my answer and didn’t believe me. 2. Patient B, patient A’s room mate, has g tube feedings- at lunch the day shift nurse is supposed to give patient B three salt packets that’s provided in the daily bags wit the feeds- I noticed yesterday AND today that there was three salt packets and asked patient B if the nurse gave him salt for lunch- patient B said he wasn’t sure, and patient A (from bed, with the curtain drawn, as always) yelled out at me that “he got his salt”- when I said that there was three salt packets from yesterday and another three today, patient A said “well, patient B’s mom was here so he must have got it.” 3. Yesterday when putting patient B back to bed I noticed a sign for the nurses to put a brown soaker for Bowel Routine on Saturday’s- yesterday was Saturday and when cleaning patient B he had a large BM- I asked for clarification if I should put a new brown soaker for patient B and patient B told me that that’s only for the morning shift to do- I didn’t need to. So that made patient A Upset that I had to ask. 4. Patient A was upset that he had to keep “looking out for his roommate” and didn’t like that I was so “unaware” of his Bowel Routine and didn’t like that I was asking questions to patient B- he stated that “you should just know.” I think he just taking his anger out on me. He’s had a bad few weeks personally (family, ex gf, etc) yesterday he barely spoke to me because the morning shift nurse yesterday (new nurse- didn’t know his care) didn’t do things “as he liked” and he was in a horrible mood all evening yesterday- even today as well. he seems more calm and talkative now after, but I’m 100% officially done with patients/ coworkers treating me like a punching bag- I’ve only been working for a year, and whenever things like this arises I turn the other cheek. im not angry, or upset, but Im thinking, should I call his bluff and speak to the manager? Should I let it go since it’s (sorta/kinda) resolved between us? im just concerned that he’ll paint a picture that I’m incompetent. I am not incompetent, but I should be treated with respect.
  5. nursechilespice

    Wearing Scrubs to an Interview...?

    I have an interview in another unit in the hospital I work at for a full time position, the thing is I have work on my home unit at 3pm and the interview is at 2pm... would it be weird to wear my (clean) scrubs? I’ve only had alittle over a year of working as a nurse, so I feel like i still need to be formal (and dress for the interview) I know a couple of nurses that had 15+ experience that wear scrubs in their interviews... would it be ok for me to as well?
  6. nursechilespice

    What am I doing wrong?

    I’ve been currently working at a CCC facility for alittle over a year, it’s my first facility job (also working as a overnight private duty nurse for about a year and 5 months) Since graduating in 2017, my goal was to get into acute care in Toronto as an RPN, in the meantime work towards getting my RN online part time- end goal is to work in the ER. I’ve been taking extra certificates for IV/phlebotomy, med admin, cardiology and health assessment (planning to take more to get a certificate in Er rpn) I’ve been applying to all hospitals throughout the GTA biweekly for the past 4-5 months... nothing so far, not even a call back for an interview... a lot of people I went to these classes with got jobs in acute care within a few weeks... what am I doing wrong? I’ve reviewed, revised, rewritten my resume with 10 different people, am I just missing something? i just feel so discouraged, I’m spending so much on certifications and learning and I’m not able to use any thing of what I learned in my current practice...
  7. nursechilespice

    am I a nurse or home maker???

    I myself am currently working for a quadriplegic, trached gentleman- been working overnights in his home for a year now, and the past couple months I’ve been noticing his middle aged wife and twenty something kids have been mixing their laundry with his and they leave their dishes from morning to dinner time in the sink and expect me to clean up after the husband as well as the rest of the family- I graduated in 2017 and got my license in 2018 so this was my first job, but I’m debating on leaving soon... it’s a non agency job, so i have to be careful and leave on good terms, but i understand how certain families expect you to do their dirty work when you were hired to care for the patient... hopefully the case manager will be able to clear the air with the family and boundaries will be set for you not to feel that way- you are a nurse, not a housemaid.
  8. nursechilespice

    Guilt for Asking for a Day Off?

    I work as a private Duty Nurse for a quadriplegic, trached client over nights 3-4 nights a week, I also work partime at a chronic care facility 3-5 days or evenings. I'm also taking classes to get some certificates to work in acute care and eventually as an RN in the ER. I've been feeling burnt out lately- the private care I provide was technically my first nursing job and I've been there for almost a year- however, its in another city and I travel almost 1.5 to 2 hours to get there for 8 hours work... I've been thinking of asking to work only 2 days a week to give myself a break but the wife of the client (in her late 40s early 50s) complains often how she can't find nurses to work (their insurance pays me) they pay out of pocket for PSWs to come in to help overnights (they are well off, but who doesn't want to save money?) So I feel guilty for asking... I know I shouldn't. my Chronic care facility pays (wayyy) more than their insurance does and it's 30min walk from my house, so I don't want to have my hours cut there... Has anyone else been through a situation like this? How did you resolve and get through this situation? I feel like I'm stuck there. Im a new nurse so I was looking forward to working in different facilities but I feel obligated to stay with them...
  9. nursechilespice

    Proof read my Resume?

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone could read my resume and give me any pointers to improve it and what to add, I'm within my first year of working as an RPN and I want to have my resume on point and ready to go when I need it! : PAULINA NICHOLE PETIT (Address) (Cell Phone) (Email) PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Registered Practical Nurse with experience in Acute Respiratory, Chronic Complex Continuing Care, Longterm care, and Home Health Care, looking to utilize and expand my knowledge to provide excellent client centered care that are aligned with best practice guidelines. PROFESSIONAL SKILLS • Committed to providing exceptional nursing care by adhering to the best practice guidelines • Committed to protecting and maintaining patient safety • Has excellent time management skills • Able to multitask effectively and remain organized • Proficient in EPR programs such as iView, Citrix, etc. WORK HISTORY Registered Practical Nurse August 2018- Present West Park Healthcare Center 2W- CAVC (Chronic Assisted Ventilatory Care) • Provide nursing care for patients requiring ongoing mechanical respiratory assistance for 22 bed unit (2-3 patient load) Registered Practical Nurse June 2018- Present Private Care – Overnight Stays • Provide oral and deep suctioning via tracheostomy, perform in and out catheterization and record input/output • Administer medications, reposition every 2 hours and perform head to toe assessments Personal Support Worker May 2017- August 2018 ParaMed Home Healthcare • Support client quality of life and health, and support emotional and social needs of each client • Assist with ambulation, meal prep, feeding, bed baths, changing bed sheets and other household duties EDUCATION Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning Practical Nursing (Diploma) Completion: July 2017 Emergency RPN (Certificate) Expected Completion: May 2020 LICENSES AND CERTIFICATIONS • College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) RPN Registration Number: AH021463 • First Aid and CPR/ AED for HCP • N95 Mask Fit Certification • Humber College’s Sickle Cell Workshop 2017- Changing the Faces of Pain • ASIST- Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training Please don't mind the format too much, I just want some insight and advice on what I can change and how to make my resume better! thank you all! -Paulina
  10. nursechilespice

    Manual Blood Pressure Reading

    Hey! Sorry I should have been more descriptive... Within my pn program in Canada, there are two methods of obtaining a BP reading one or two step. Basically one step is just using the base BP reading as a reference to go 30mmHg above to have an 'accurate' systolic pressure, two step is also looking at the base reading, but if there is no base available to palpate the brachial artery while pushing air into the arm cuff, and obtaining a 'predetermined' systolic by going 30mmHg above the point where the brachial pulse can not longer be palpated, then when air is slowly released from the cuff the point where you can feel the pulse is the predetermined. From there you go 30mmHg from the predetermined to obtain a systolic pressure. Sorry for the long explanation! Hopefully I explained well enough
  11. nursechilespice

    Manual Blood Pressure Reading

    What do you prefer? The one step, or two step method?
  12. nursechilespice

    Crushed Tabs and Liquid Meds?

    I was wondering if nurses after crushing tablets for a g tube administration, do they ever mix crushed tablets with liquid Meds like liquid multivitamins, or prosource? Or do we mix crushed Meds with water, administer, then after administer liquid Meds?
  13. nursechilespice

    Review Narrative Note for Case Study?

    Jamie Lynn was admitted to your acute medical unit at 0600 hrs today for investigation of query appendicitis”. You are assigned to care for her on the day shift. The radiological department was very busy last night and the portable x-ray machines were broken and being serviced. Jamie Lynn is still waiting for her abdominal x-ray and other radiographic tests. At the start of your shift 0730 the call bell is constantly ringing from Jamie's room. When you enter the room Jamie is very upset and her mom is with her. Her mom is very angry that the x-rays have not been completed. Jamie is pale, sweating, and very anxious. She is moving about constantly in her bed and her intravenous line is wrapped around her arm many times. The dressing that maintains the intravenous is damp. You do a quick physical assessment and note the following: • Vitals: T 38.9 P124 R26 BP: 145/70 Sp02: 97% on room air. • Pain: 8/10 on a scale of 1 to 10. Region: right lower quadrant of abdomen. • Client guards abdomen on palpation. Cries and screams don't touch me” during palpation. At 0745 you notify the charge RN of the situation and prepare your information and call the MRP Dr. Williams to inform him of Jamie's present condition. The doctor orders pain control, states he will see the patient before 1000 hrs, and orders the IV solution to be changed to D5W to run at 100 cc/hr. You also plan to call the radiology department and discuss the situation with the radiologist on call, Dr. Amouz-Kant and arrange for her diagnostic tests to be completed as soon as possible. After these phone calls, you discuss the issue with Jamie and her mom and give them an update of your plan for this morning. At 0800 you ensure that Jamie's intravenous catheter is in situ and change the dressing to secure it. You change the IV to run the new solution. At 0815 you have the RN on your team administer 2 mg of morphine sulphate and 25 mg of gravol via the intravenous. Here is my narrative note...26/10/2015 0730 patient is alert and awake with mother present. Patient is pale, sweating, anxious and constantly moves about in bed. IV line wrapped around patient's arm- dressing that maintains IV is damp. T 38.9; P 124; R 26; BP 145/70; Sp02:97% on room air. Pain of RLQ region of abdomen is 8/10 on scale of 1/10. Patient states don't touch me” during palpation and guards abdomen on palpation. Paulina Petit RPN 0745 notified charge RN of situation and called MRP Dr. Williams to report patient's current condition. MRP TO pain control, IV solution to be changed to D5W to run at 100 cc/hr and states he will see patient before 1000. Then phoned oncall radiologist Dr. Amouz-Kant and discussed situation to arrange patient's diagnostics to be completed asap. Updated patient and mother of care plan and discussed the issue with patient and mother. Paulina Petit RPN 0800 patients IV catheter is in situ and changed dressing of IV. IV solution changed to D5W run at 100cc/hr as per MRP TO. Paulina Petit RPN ... Sorry for the LONG text, I'll dismiss my DAR, (Objective/Subjective, Action, Response) I know that DAR's are more patient centered and focus primarily on patient's concerns and how to solve them... If anyone could please read over my Note and critic it I would greatly appreciate it! -Paulina

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