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    Providence RN Fellow Program

    I have questions about the Providence RN Fellow Program: How many are they hiring? Is it yearly? How long is the program? What is the approximate pay?
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    Skills!!! Help!!!

    Hello Nurses, I passed nursing licensure examinations for 3 countries; Philippines, UAE and USA. However, I am not really confident with my skills as I barely practiced on the bed side level. I had some chemotherapy infusion experience but that was it. I need some advise/encouragement how to start my career as a nurse in the US. I need basic skills review but I don't qualify for the RN Residency program because I am not a new graduate. I would like to concentrate in the Oncology field but without a backbone of basic nursing I don't know if Ill be qualified at all. Please help!!! cRyo
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    Legacy Health Aug 2018 Residency Program

    Waiting for a call too. What areas did you apply for? Are you a fresh grad?
  4. cRyo

    Legacy RN Residency

    I graduated 2007 recently passed NCLEX I'm a foreign grad with few months of experience. I am still hoping for a call but I don't know the likelihood of being hired because most of the applicants graduated recently.
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    Legacy RN Residency

    Are you a fresh grad? I was interviewed too but I am not a new grad but without experience.
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    Legacy RN Residency

    Congrats! How many areas did you apply for?
  7. cRyo

    Legacy RN Residency

    Did anyone get a call yet?
  8. I appreciate that you took time to reply. Pass or Fail please let me/us know of the result. Take care!
  9. I hope you pass! God is in control! I am taking mine soon too. I have questions for you if you don't mind. So how does the NCLEX exam looks like? Do they give you a whiteboard for calculation or a sheet of paper with a pen? *How big are the fonts? Can you make it bigger? LOL (This is the nervous me) *Are there any lockers? I am so clammy right now.
  10. I just received (11/19/16) my CGFNS CES Report. I am originally from the Philippines residing here in Oregon, USA. I called Oregon BON to check what's the next step to take the NCLEX and I received a dismaying news. Oregon requires 960 hours of experience within the last 5 years. I am still within the criterion but the catch is, they want my employer to send them a letter stating the number of hours I've with them. The problem though the Cancer Foundation I worked with closed and they just gave us a Certificate of Employment for intended use. My question is, can somebody help me what are my options? What is the easiest state to apply in case this doesn't work out? Thanks. Julie
  11. They will only honor a letter from the hospital straight to them.
  12. ORBON requires a letter from the hospital, in my case, the foundation, to be sent directly to them. The problem is, the foundation closed already. We were just given our COE. The silly thing is, the alternative of not having the 960 hours is to do the re entry program so that you can sit for NCLEX, which I don't mind but when I called the agency that does the program they were confused because you can only do re entry program after passing NCLEX. I called the BON 10 months ago and they said you can take the test but your license will not be released without doing the re entry program. So confusing. Any enlightenment can help. Thanks!
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    Yep, I have the same question in mind. Do you have the answer now?
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    Hello Jey_zuh I am currently in Oregon and would like to know more on how to start my nursing here. I understand that CGFNS is the first step. Can you tell me more about it. I have ideas already but I don't want to mess it up to avoid spending unnecessary expenses. Thank you. Looking forward to your response!

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