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My head is still pounding from the tension and anticipation of the result of my NCLEX RN test. Anyway, I GIVE GOD ALL THE GLORY!!!! I passed my exam after graduating 11 years ago.

Graduated BSN in 2007

Phil - RN 2008

HAAD - RN Passer 2010

After I graduated in 2007, my parents stopped supporting me financially. So, I had to look for a job to support myself. Getting a job as a nurse in my city is quite difficult as it requires you to render RN skills without pay. I had to work as an ESL tutor and a call center agent for years but didn't lose my love for nursing. I had an opportunity to go to UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi) to pursue my nursing career but didn't work out as well. A few years later an opportunity surfaced to try UAE again through an agency. But then, I met the man of my life and I chose LOVE (LOL). I migrated to the US, got married. Said we will wait a year before I get pregnant so I can start my nursing. NOPE didn't even make it a month. I got pregnant! Things got pushed back. A lot of hoops to jump through getting my papers from the Philippines to the US. The state where I am at has quite a difficult process to jump so I applied to a different state. Long story short, I got my ATT and started reviewing. Oh my, I cried a lot of times overwhelmed with all these information basically from the beginning. I read a lot of good things about UWorld so I tried the sample test. I got 25%.

So sorry if my writing jumps all over the place. It is going to be a drama series if I write it with complete details.

Ask questions and I'd be happy to reply.

Congratulation! Please tell me what materials you used and how you studied for the test. Thank you.

Congratulation! Please tell me what materials you used and how you studied for the test. Thank you.

I used the following in my 6 months of review:

*Saunders - used it for only 2-3 months. I didn't really have the time to read all the time

*NCLEX RN Mastery - which I think didn't really help me a lot as I finished answering it the first 3 months of my review.

*UWorld - subscribed for 3 months. Mind you I got 25% in my sample test and eventually climbed up. If you take Uworld seriously, NCLEX is easier. Just weird though!

*Mark Klimek Audio Recording - if you don't know the answer, his strategies are really helpful, especially in prioritization.

*Sara of RegisteredNurseRN on Youtube - don't underestimate the importance of pathophysiology as this will really help for the SATA.

Thank you so much. I think I will need to start reviewing for this test again eventhough it has been so long. Reading your story gave me motivation. God bless you and good luck with your RN career.

OMG! finally :) graduated in 2008 and RN in the PH too.. moved to the USA just 2 years ago.. i just sent my application to CGFNS and now i'm starting to review for NCLEX.

it's really hard but after reading your post, it made me realize I can do it!


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