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  1. Realauren89

    So I've been reading

    See I told my husband there were two saunders books that I for sure wanted. Since I don't start the RN school until January, I just want to have some resource material to reinforce the different testing style. I took the NREMT about 6 years ago and r...
  2. Realauren89

    So I've been reading

    And of course I have read, and read, and read, annnnd read, that most nursing students and graduates swear that using an nclex book to study was the best thing they have ever did. So before I throw roughly 80 bucks at amazon, I want some feed back. ...
  3. Realauren89

    Nursing Info Meet Today

    The way my school works is you have 1 clinical day, 1 lab day, 2 lecture days. From what I have been told you have clinicals only 5 days a semester for 12 hours. Alot of that down time is for you to be in the lab, making sure you know your checkoffs ...
  4. Realauren89

    The Ugly, the bad, and the good.

    (Note to admin, this is a double post, since I noticed I dropped this in the wrong forum) No one really prepares you for the absolute panic that is waiting for your acceptance or denial letter from your school. NO ONE! My birthday was the 2nd, and I...
  5. Realauren89

    The Ugly, the Bad, and the Good.

    I literally didn't even email them originally to contest, I just wanted to know how to better my chances next semester and it was like the Nurse fairy dropped out of the sky and laid down a pathway to nursing school. You have no idea how loud I scre...
  6. Realauren89

    Who's starting Spring 2016?

    I got my go ahead today! YAYAYAYAYAYAY. In case you wondered yes my pinterest board is scary for nursing. I have also mapped out my friends on facebook who are nurses and who is a nursing student cause I'm going to bug the mess out of them when I hav...
  7. Realauren89


    Google you states vaccine records. They are all available through your state (since 1994 all that information has been electronically been entered into a database) and they will mail you your vac records. I had to call Jackson to get mine, because l...
  8. Realauren89

    HOW do people do well in Anatomy & P?

    QUIZLET, search it for pictures of bones and their process, also a I used the lab manual on the bones and printed copies of it and just did it over and over again. Now for the lecture. READ THE BOOK. Find a tutor, I did better in Anatomy and Physiolo...
  9. My birthday was the 2nd, and I got my denial letter, and I'm pretty sure the world ripped itself apart, then formed again. I literally spent my birthday drowning myself in my pillows sobbing like my two year old when I tell her that she can't have an...
  10. Realauren89

    What do you want to specialize in? And why?

    My end goal is CRNA, so trauma/er/ICU are my biggies. I was an emt so the trauma is my forte!
  11. Realauren89

    Last semester of pre reqs

    Our school only accepts 80 each semester. There is not part time only fulltime and you have to maintain at least 12 credit hours. Which is hog wash since I completed all mine. I guess I'll be taking organic chem and bull crap english classes the next...
  12. Realauren89

    Last semester of pre reqs

    Ours is a crazy point based system. The max is 122 the least is 58. I have a standing of 79. Which is the middle road. They changed it this year. It was once a&p 1 and 2 plus college algebra. Now it's a&p 1 and college algebra. Plus you had ...
  13. Realauren89

    Last semester of pre reqs

    So this morning I put in my application for RN program at Northwest. This fall is my last semester of pre-reqs. Micro, Micro lab and College Algebra as well as filler courses for the associate's degree is on my list this semester. I'm so flipping ne...