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  1. A day in the life...

    What is a typical day like as a perioperative nurse? What do you love/hate about the job? Do you give meds/ handle IV fluids, etc, or is that more of the Anesthesiologists job? Please forgive my ignorance as it has been a long time since I was in ...
  2. Is home health that bad?

    I took a home health job after MUCH consideration. I previously worked in the ICU. I thought I had thoroughly weighed all the pros and cons, but unfortunately I greatly regret my decision. My days are LONG- 9 hours minimum. Admission charting will ma...
  3. What do you LOVE about HH nursing?

    I have seen a lot of posts about all of the downsides to HH nursing, so I would like to hear what it is that you love about it? (after all there must be something or your wouldn't stay in it right?)
  4. Getting to eat lunch. That would be my biggest challenge!! lol- j/k (partly). Biggest challenge has been being understaffed and trying to provide good/safe care to my patients. Also, RN's are increasingly expected to take on more and more responsib...
  5. What is a typical day CICU/CSICU?

    It is crazy busy from start to finish. Your head will spin around a few thousand times by the end of your shift, and when you try to recall everything you did in the day you will feel exhaustion just thinking about it. I love ICU nursing, but lately...
  6. Passed CCRN!!

  7. Acute care to home health. Stories welcome!

    Ok, I just tried to leave a comment but I seems to have disappeared . I was wanting to ask the above poster about what challenges you faced in making the transition from ICU to HH? What should I look for in a company? I have several interviews ...
  8. Is this a good deal?

    A home health agency has offered me a FT position 8am-5pm M-F with one night a week of being on call all night long from 5pm until 8am the next day. I was shocked by this, but maybe this is normal?? How are you supposed to function the following day...
  9. Interview!

    Hello all! I have an upcoming interview in nursing research and would really like some input as far as how to land the job! I have 4 years of ICU experience, but only an ASN degree (for now). I have always loved research and actually read research ar...
  10. What does it take to be HH nurse?

    I am struck by the vast difference of opinion when it comes to job satisfaction within home health. I am reading these posts and people seem to either really love it ("best job ever!") or absolutely hate it ("I have no life!"). What makes the diffe...
  11. Should I leave the ICU for VNA?

    The stress that I have at work is both an emotional one and a physical one. I physically cannot be on my feet for at least 13 hours a day without sitting, eating, or peeing. My whole entire body aches and my head feels as if it will explode at the en...
  12. Finding your niche

    Have you found your niche in nursing? If so, how? Did you stumble blindly into it or actively seek it out knowing you'd be great at it? How many job changes did it take you to find "the one". Still searching for mine. Tell me your story!
  13. Documentation?

    Hi all! I am applying for home health positions, but something has me a lottle worried. I keep seeing posts about how much documentation there is, and how you are spending 12 hours every day between seeing pts and documenting. Is this typical? How...
  14. Finding a job

    Can anyone recommend good HH companies in PA? Anyone have experience with Intrepid?
  15. Acute care to home health. Stories welcome!

    Hello!! I found this post and while I know it was from years back, I am in the same situation and am wondering what your result was? I currently work in a cardiac ICU and am looking to move into home health (for my own sanity and health!). I was a...