Hello all! I have an upcoming interview in nursing research and would really like some input as far as how to land the job!

I have 4 years of ICU experience, but only an ASN degree (for now). I have always loved research and actually read research articles in my spare time (nerd alert :bugeyes:). I would love to be involved in research while furthering my education and career.

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!!! I dont really feel qualified for the job since I do not have any experience working in research. Everyone has to start somewhere I suppose!



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Never say "only an ASN"! Be proud of what you've accomplished! If the interviewer asks about your ASN or points it out, state that you plan to get X degree and give concrete facts about how and when you are going to obtain your goal. I would emphasize how much you like research to the interviewer, and why you find it appealing. Typically good skills to have are attention to detail, and strict adherence to protocols. If you can give examples of how you've done this, that would be a very good thing. Also one of the most important things is properly consenting subjects, so if you can also talk about some patient/family education you've done or anytime you explained a procedure to a patient/family, let the interviewer know about that and draw the parallel to the duties of the research nurse for him or her. And definitely don't go into it thinking "I'm not qualified"...anyone can learn just about any job or skill, it's more about if the job and the culture of the company are a good fit for the individual. You are qualified if you are motivated to learn how to do the job! Good luck!