Is this a good deal?


A home health agency has offered me a FT position 8am-5pm M-F with one night a week of being on call all night long from 5pm until 8am the next day. I was shocked by this, but maybe this is normal?? How are you supposed to function the following day if you are being called out the night before? They also stated that I would at times have to drive far out of my territory (an hour). It is paid by visit so this seemed a little ridiculous to me, but I don't know what is normal? The position also comes with 2 weekends a month. This wouldn't bother me except that you don't get 2 days off during the week then to make up for it. Currently in the hospital when we work weekends we get other days off. I just thought this was normal in every job that required weekend work :wideyed:

Can anyone enlighten me on if these things are a normal part of home health? Or should I be looking for a different agency?

Thanks!! :)



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Weeeeelllll, depends on their call expectations. We take it a week at a time usually only needing to provide phone advice and literally can go all week without a single phone call. We only need to make visits on occluded catheters for retention which are rare.

However we have a nurse who came from a hospital based agency that was scheduled to do evening visits including SOC's on the evenings she was on call, after working all day.

Our new nurses don't take call until a good year into employment. And we're paid a flat rate to carry the pager plus visit pay for any visits we need to make.

I haven't worked a weekend in years due to having wonderful dedicated weekend staff but back when I did I had split days off during the week.

I'm PPV I have had to drive an hour out of my territory occasionally but am paid my hourly rate for anything over 30 minutes or travel.

I work at two agencies. Both have overnight call and weekend call in addition to regular hours. One agency is slower and nurses may not get weeknight calls. The other is quite busy and they do get many calls plus SOC after hours for oncall nurses. Both are typically busy on weekend call.

we are paid an hourly rate, not ppv and are also paid $0.50/ mile