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  1. PurpleDaisy🌸

    SN Social Visit? (AND a blood draw?!?)

    Thank you!
  2. PurpleDaisy🌸

    SN Social Visit? (AND a blood draw?!?)

    In these situations, do you have consent forms signed or just do the courtesy visits?
  3. PurpleDaisy🌸

    SN Social Visit? (AND a blood draw?!?)

  4. PurpleDaisy🌸

    2016 2017 per visit rates per state DETAILS!!!

    Mid to high 20's per hour. Depends on agency and experience. Low 30's if you have been with agency a looong time.
  5. PurpleDaisy🌸

    Is home health that bad?

    Have you talked to anyone that works at your local agency? I would do that before making a decision. At my agencies (I work at 2) we are paid hourly and we absolutely ARE paid for our charting. Some days I might drive 3 miles, others I may drive 35, but we are paid for both our travel time and our mileage. Pay sounds like it varies greatly in different regions of the country and depending on how you are paid (per visit vs salary vs hourly). I think that I am very fairly paid. In my experience, Libby1987 is correct in saying that the first year is the toughest, and that being organized is a huge advantage. At my 6th month point, I felt like I was horrible at my job and was acutely aware of how much growth I still needed to attain. It was frustrating, but I read on here that it got better, and I forged ahead. :) That said, there ARE some days that are stressful; days where you have multiple patients with unexpected issues crop up or you have multiple admissions, which are more time consuming. There ARE some days where I am not able to chart on everything before going home, but that is not my norm. Being behind on charting is the norm for some people at one of my agencies (the other does not tolerate late charting), even those nurses with YEARS of experience, so again, I think that being organized and focused is key. At this point in my career, I wouldn't trade what I am doing for any other nursing job. It allows me to work a family-friendly schedule and I can typically arrange my schedule so that I can pick up my kids from school. I love my patients, I love having only one patient at a time to focus on, I love the impact I have on patient lives and love driving around and seeing the beauty of the landscape I live in. It would be extremely difficult for me to give that up and be stuck inside all day!! There are certainly downsides, especially if you work for an agency that doesn't give adequate orientation (mine did not, but I am a very strong independent learner and spent an incredible amount of off-work time researching and learning) but the upside for me, is absolutely worth it. I think you need to sit down and think about why you are interested in switching to home health. Write a list of questions you have and then talk to someone at the agency where you want to work. Come back here an look for feedback, after you talk to someone. I think you can't really make a decision until you have a better idea of what things are like in YOUR area.
  6. PurpleDaisy🌸

    Question about R.O.C.

    By ROC, do you mean resumption of care, after the patient has been in the hospital? A recert/follow-up is what you do at the end of the 60 day certification period. Two different forms/packets Not sure what the other packet is that you are referring to.
  7. PurpleDaisy🌸

    Home health assessments

    Is all of the above what you would cover for revisits or just SOC?
  8. PurpleDaisy🌸

    Home health assessments

    The "is anyone doing assessments" discussion over in the genral nursing forum has got me thinking... i have often wondered how some of my coworkers can complete their HH visits so fast, even when doing a SOC. The assessment discussion got me thinking... Maybe they are not assessing as much as I am assessing? I thought I would throw this out here: what do your HH assessments look like? Are you doing full assessments for all patients? Do you just do "the basics" on most patients, and then add in extra, PRN, depending on diagnosis? Do you do assessments with wound care, or just the dressing change? ETA: a few ex I thought of: do you check a 1 min apical pulse on a-fib patients? Do you do full skin assessments on SOC? Do take listen to both posterior AND anterior lung sounds? Do you have all SOC ambulate for you (if this is reasonable, of course)?
  9. PurpleDaisy🌸

    Is this a good deal?

    I work at two agencies. Both have overnight call and weekend call in addition to regular hours. One agency is slower and nurses may not get weeknight calls. The other is quite busy and they do get many calls plus SOC after hours for oncall nurses. Both are typically busy on weekend call. we are paid an hourly rate, not ppv and are also paid $0.50/ mile
  10. PurpleDaisy🌸

    Best automatic bp cuff?

    You just summed up my work frustrations!
  11. PurpleDaisy🌸

    What would you suggest to your preceptor if..

    also, thinking way back to nursing school, I remember being so absurdly stressed in clinicals, fearing the dreaded "clinical warning". That anxiety sat with me for a while, even after graduation. Maybe reminders to relax, you are there to teach, not flunk them or fire them.
  12. PurpleDaisy🌸

    What would you suggest to your preceptor if..

    criticism said in a mentoring, supportive manner/tone is more effective to me, than sarcasm, barbed criticism, and passive-aggressive statements. Just my own experience speaking here (sigh) -- Based on your posts here on AN, I strongly suspect you do the former, rather than the latter. :) Have you adjusted your time frame of expectations to take into consideration that these nurses are new nurses, not just new to HH? Emphasize to them that they are doing great (if they are), that there is a lot to learn, that you know it will take time, but things really will start to come together. Talk to them about learning style., maybe they would do better if you walked them through things the first time, giving supportive advice, or maybe they prefer advice ahead of time but for you to just observe during. We all have our own quirky preferences; find out theirs. On the otherhand, Maybe they need to take time after shift to review things. I spent countless hours after shift taking notes, reading up on things, and creating flashcards, when I first started in HH. ETA: i was feeling frustrated in my job and that maybe I wasn't learning fast enough, until I found AN and read that it is normal to take up to a year to really feel like things are going as you expected they would. Be sure to remind them of that, too. Maybe it will relieve their pressure valves.
  13. PurpleDaisy🌸

    Granualized vs epithelialized vs not healing?

    surgical wounds healing by primary intention can only be "newly epithialized" or "not healing".
  14. PurpleDaisy🌸

    New job updates?

    I have to second this statement. Libby1987 has so much encouragement, here on the home health board. I am guessing she is a wonderful mentor, in her agency. I hit a wall a few weeks ago, after several months in my new job, when my eyes opened up to JUST HOW MUCH I STILL HAVE TO LEARN! I got a bit panicky, to be honest. But reading all the encouragement here has helped me to push on, knowing that by my one year point, I will be feeling so much more confident. I will say that I find things are becoming easier and faster, in terms of the charting. Oasis nearly made me cry, the first time (ok, I think I actually did cry). I had no training and was just thrown in. I felt like I must be the biggest moron, for feeling so overwhelmed and being so exceedingly slow in the paperwork. I laugh at that now, because of COURSE it was overwhelming. It was new! I can really get through those oasis questions SO much easier now (partly due to some great advice I have read on this board). I still take longer than the seasoned nurses, but I am telling myself that is ok, and no one at my job has told me otherwise. To answer the original question posted on this thread, I would say that the unexpected for me was the vast quantity of knowledge that I had to acquire ON MY OWN.
  15. PurpleDaisy🌸

    medicaid visits

    It is rather interesting that medicaid coverage varies so greatly state to state. This is the link I found last night: Massachusetts Medicaid Waiver
  16. PurpleDaisy🌸

    medicaid visits

    do you find that your visits and notes look different than those that you do for medicare patients?