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  1. SN Social Visit? (AND a blood draw?!?)

    Thank you!
  2. SN Social Visit? (AND a blood draw?!?)

    In these situations, do you have consent forms signed or just do the courtesy visits?
  3. SN Social Visit? (AND a blood draw?!?)

  4. 2016 2017 per visit rates per state DETAILS!!!

    Mid to high 20's per hour. Depends on agency and experience. Low 30's if you have been with agency a looong time.
  5. non-emergencies

    Can you call the home before going and do some trouble shooting/instruction and then determine if a visit is still needed? Sometimes just that phone call can be enough...
  6. How is this cheat sheet?

    We do oasis on paper... I literally flip through and fill in what I need to do in home, and then go back to the office to put in the rest. I will say that I did hospice first (and still! It is my passion), and while there was a steep learning curve...
  7. How is this cheat sheet?

    i can see where they would be helpful to someone new to oasis. When I was first doing oasis, I would almost always accidentally skip over something in the paperwork and end up having to call the pt. A cheat sheet probably would have helped. At thi...
  8. being a home health nurse if you have allergies and asthma?

    I have severe allergies/asthma and do home health. I carry a rescue inhaler, benadryl and two epipens. I have asked pts to put out candles, not eat certain foods while I am doing a hands-on assessment and occasionally have asked to open windows if ...
  9. Job Offer in Home Health

    In my area, home health in paid hourly and we definitely make less than hospital pay. It seems though, that my region is a rarity, with hourly pay. Perhaps pay per visit is the next direction we will move in. Also, there is no perk around here to...
  10. I also try to add that the initial visit involves some extra paperwork and will be roughly X length of time, but that subsequent visits will be more brief.
  11. The perfect Home Health Software.

    Off the top of my head: -ability to quickly/easily view all past visit data (helps with noting trends, variances, etc). -ability to view all visit notes in succession, rather than clicking around to open individual visits to view notes -questions th...
  12. Wound vac blistering

    The wound vac rep that did our inservice said that pulling the drape taught can cause blistering. We have also used duoderm on periwound skin, rather than drape.
  13. Is home health that bad?

    Have you talked to anyone that works at your local agency? I would do that before making a decision. At my agencies (I work at 2) we are paid hourly and we absolutely ARE paid for our charting. Some days I might drive 3 miles, others I may drive 3...
  14. Bags?

    I have the hopkins 600 clean/dirty tote. Overall, I like it, but wish the base was wider. It does not always stay standing upright. I am on the lookout for something similar, but deeper. Personally, I find bags with two shoulder straps more comfo...
  15. HomeHealth- skilled nursing visit note-follow up visit -lvn

    Getting back to your original question, as others have stated, you should really sit down with someone in your office and ask them to walk you through how to chart on this. Reading through charting on other, similar patients would also help. I fin...
  16. HomeHealth- skilled nursing visit note-follow up visit -lvn

    It may not be as simple as saying "I am not available", especially at an agency that is not pay per visit. I have had situations where I have been asked to do procedures I am unfamiliar with and/or not seen since nursing school (well over a decade a...
  17. HomeHealth- skilled nursing visit note-follow up visit -lvn

    While I agree that LPNs should not be discharging patients, my agency allows it for private pay and private insurance (eg non-medicare/aid) patients. Of course, they also allow LPN-only visits for weeks and weeks for frail pts who also have wounds. ...
  18. Need advice for a friend

    Hmmm... I guess I am not certain that we are CAN'T do it, but I have never seen it done. At the smaller agency I work at, only one or two nurses would have ever started peripheral IV's prior to working in homecare, and that was YEARS ago. There ar...
  19. Need advice for a friend

    I can only speak from my experience, but at the agencies where I have worked, we do not start IVs. We will do abx infusion via PICC, with the intention of teaching Pt/CG to become independent with the infusion.
  20. Language Barrier

    We have a list of translators we can utilize, however I am guessing that waiting for one to arrive could hold things up by hours.
  21. How many visits per day? (Case Management)

    The agency I work for is very much into productivity and we are expected to see 4 patients (max 5, depending on acuity, driving, etc).
  22. Trach suctioning without gloves??

    I (and all the other nurses) always wore gloves, however the patient's parents never did. It must have been ok, bc in the 20 years she has been at home on vent/trach, she has rarly been sick. eta: that said, as nursing staff we should. It protects ...
  23. So fed up with my coworker

    Lol, and your coworker likely can't recall what having "free time" feels like. I do feel for you. Hopefully mgmt can hire more per diems. Do they offer incentives to per diems for working less desirable days, like holidays? Maybe that is an opti...
  24. So fed up with my coworker

    As others posters have said, she does have a full time job - her children. Someday, you may understand. Maybe she is "rich enough" to just work here or there, or maybe they budget well, live frugally, coupon like mad. Staying home most of the t...
  25. Supplies

    I absolutely agree. It can be a difficult to navigate around agency culture and practices that do not have sound reasoning behind them, when you know you run the risk of coworker/supervisor backlash. I could write a whole post on that.