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kelsonsa has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN, EMT-B and specializes in ED.

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  1. Hey everyone, Kaiser Permanente is hiring in clackamas, OR Emergency room. One year ER experience required, BLS, ACLS, PALS. It is not a trauma facility, occasionally we get walk ins. If you're looking for $ and great benes though it's amazing for that. Insurance is $24 a month for you and your entire family. You vest in a pension (which is almost unheard of now a days) after 5 years. Fri-sun pick ups are double time. Holidays are double time a half. Fourth consecutive day is time and a half (double time for night shift), and fifth consecutive day is double time. We are also looking for charge nurses. PM me and I can get you our union contract and a bene sheet. Easy to make six figures. Pt ratio is 1:4 although we are trying out 1:3 occasionally. They pay for your masters 100% through two different colleges (colorado tech and I'm forgetting at this moment) and/or your BSN if you need one (not needed for the position). It has its ups and downs I'd be happy to discuss with you! Many people use this as a stepping stone to get into Kaiser so we do have turn over. Sarah
  2. kelsonsa

    Move to WA or OR

    I'm planning to move to WA or OR. I'd really love to live in the PNW. I've lived about ten years on and off in AK but am currently living in MI. I'm missing the ocean and mountains! Any pros or cons that people can think of between the two states? I will have 2 years of ER experience in a educational Level One Trauma hospital in Detroit. I have my BSN and EMT-B. I will have my TNCC, ENPC, ultrasound guided IV, ALS, and BLS certs. I know it's not a lot but I'm hoping I can get in somewhere... I'd like to live on the West coast of either state. Anyone recommend any hospitals? If I got a job in Seattle could I live outside and ferry in or is that too long of a commute? How about places like Everett or Bellingham, are those good places to work as an RN? I don't mind working in a large city but I prefer not to live in one. Any information is welcomed. Please share your experience if you work at a hospital on the west coast of either state. I'm hoping to do a drive around in September. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!
  3. kelsonsa

    Emergency Nursing: NPs or midlevel provider in triage?

    edit: NP or PA -- sorry about the term mid-level!
  4. Does anyone have NPs or any mid-level provider working triage and if so how has it benefited your ED? I work in a large 88 bed Level 1 trauma center. I hear some ED's have NP's or MD's in triage to cut down door-to-doc time, improve HCAHPS scores, reduce LWBS, and even help in d/c'ing some from triage.
  5. kelsonsa

    Do I add shadow experience to my new grad resume?

    So I talked with Ascension Health + Beaumont HR and they said to add the shadowing experience to the resume for future new grads looking at this post. I just created an additional section: Observation Experience. They also said it could be mentioned in the cover letter.
  6. I was placed in oncology for my preceptorship but want an ED position. Most ED jobs require that you've had clinical experience in ED or have at least 1 year experience. I've started to do 12 hour shadowing shifts at a level one trauma center. I'd like to include this in my resume, should I? If so where do I put it and how do I list it? I will be applying for the hospital I am shadowing at as well as out of state hospitals. Advice? So far on my resume I have: Personal Info Education Clinical Experience Licenses/Certs Professional Experience Volunteer Experience Activities (memberships) Accomplishments (Awards/honors) Professional Enrichment (additional courses/conferences) Skills Thank you!!
  7. Hi, I'm graduating in April, 2017. I will be getting my MI license because I currently live here in MI and I want to use the MI license as a fall back. It scares me that CA takes up to 6 months so my plan is to get my license here in MI then apply for endorsement right away. My question is, can I start sending things in now such as a fingerprint card and 1st degree and community college transcripts? I could send my ASD BSN transcript in end of April / beginning of May. In June I imagine I could they could verify my license with Nursys. I don't think I can send the actual application in until after I receive my license?? Every time I call it says they are experiencing a high call volume and cannot take my call at this time. I know it takes them forever so I wanted to send in what I could but it looks like I may have to wait. Does anyone know? Thanks
  8. kelsonsa

    Pearsonvue + NCLEX

    Talk about happy holidays! Congratulations!!!
  9. kelsonsa

    Pearsonvue + NCLEX

    Wow, thank you! I just mailed my application to MI on Tuesday. I called ahead and they said they would keep it on file for 3 years if anything happened. Glad I sent it in early then!!!!
  10. kelsonsa

    Pearsonvue + NCLEX

    I figured this one out!! Just in case anyone is wondering as well... Register for NCLEX on Pearsonvue $200. There is a separate form to mail into the state of MI along with $54.54. The state then sends you a form for fingerprinting and requests a background check. This can take up to 4 weeks so I'm told.
  11. kelsonsa

    Pearsonvue + NCLEX

    When creating an account with Pearsonvue I see we have to pay the $200 fee for the exam and pick our state. I looked it up and it says we have 365 days to take the exam after registering. I'm wondering for MI if I also have to register for the MI BON or what other steps I have to take? I graduate end of April and want to take the exam as soon as I can. I heard paying ahead helps speed up the process. Do I have to submit fingerprints/background check etc? Thank you!
  12. kelsonsa

    Oakland university 2nd degree nursing program

    I am in the cohort that started summer 16. The avg GPA was a 3.4 for our group. I wouldn't worry and apply. There are no interviews or essays. I attached a couple letters of recommendation from my profs along with the application but they said I didn't need to cause they wouldn't look at them anyway lol. I also got accepted for the Fall 2016 cohort but was bumped into the Summer 2016. They typically bump up about 10 students to the earlier starting cohort. I loved starting in the summer. Best of luck. Many of my classmates kept their jobs and/or had family and they are doing great.
  13. kelsonsa

    California License - prereqs required by CA BON

    Thanks so much for the advice! I definitely think I'm going to go that route. Or at least not choose it as my original licensing state. Congratulations on your ADN!! I wish you the best of luck :)
  14. kelsonsa

    Work in Alaska?

    How long is a little time? Would you recommend me getting my original license there rather than through endorsement, or does it take the same amount of time? I grad from MI this coming April
  15. kelsonsa


    I'm graduating from an ASD BSN program in MI April 2017. I was thinking of choosing AK as my licensing state. I have lived on and off in AK for about 10 years working in tourism and the veterinary medical field (Juneau + Seward). I know I don't want to work in MI and am considering CA, OR, WA, AK. How quickly do you get your ATT (I believe its called) to take the NCLEX and how quickly do you get licensed? I plan and submitting my $200 payment to PV as soon as I pick a state. I see you also need fingerprints etc and I was going to do that in February during my break. I figure that way the only thing they would be waiting for is my university. Also when should I start applying for jobs? Graduation is in April, I hear it takes about 3 weeks for NCLEX and I'd like to travel for 1 month post grad.. I was thinking I'd be available to work beginning July. Any suggestions to a near new grad? I really don't know what I'm doing haha.
  16. kelsonsa

    Moving to Anchorage from texas

    How long is lots of time?