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  1. kelsonsa

    Advice. Changing locations to Oregon - OHSU vs Kaiser

    Is there a county tax on either on top of the state income tax?
  2. I need advice. I'm moving from MI to OR this April. I am coming from an 80 bed Level 1 teaching hospital in Detroit. I have been offered a position in a Kaiser ED. I also have the possibility of OHSU. I'm at a total loss of who I should go with. They both have a pension. kaiser: 40 beds, OHSU: 20 beds they say they are adding 10 additional soon. Kaiser Pro - I think I'll end up getting paid more. 2p-2a shift. Kaiser neg: no self schd (huge neg for me b/c I love to travel). OHSU Pro - Level 1 Trauma (which I'm used to and love), self schd. Neg: really crappy parking, you pay 15/day. 7p-7a shift and probably wont get evenings anytime soon. Anyone have info on these hospitals or personal insight? I'm at a loss.
  3. kelsonsa

    Is a pension really worth it?

    Is finding a employer who provides a pension worth it? I have thought about working for Kaiser but I'm reading there union contract and it states "shall provide a monthly income commencing at age 65 of 1.45% of final average monthly compensation over the sixty (60) highest consecutive months out of the last one-hundred and twenty (120) months of employment." So after 10 years their pay is 51.53. I hear Kaiser is one of the best for pensions. So lets say after 10 years pay is 51.53 per hour. 51.53x12(hour days)=618.36 per day x 3 (days worked per week), 1,855.08 per week x 4 (weeks in a month)= 7,420.32 <- per month in the 10th year worked. x .0145 (the retirement) = 107.59 ..... so their “pension” is paying $107/month give or take b/c its over 60 highest consec months?? Or did I calculate wrong b/c that seems not worth it. Educate me. Is this right? Anyone have any great plans out there?