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ER RNs needed Portland OR Kaiser Permanente


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Hey everyone,

Kaiser Permanente is hiring in clackamas, OR Emergency room. One year ER experience required, BLS, ACLS, PALS. It is not a trauma facility, occasionally we get walk ins. If you're looking for $ and great benes though it's amazing for that. Insurance is $24 a month for you and your entire family. You vest in a pension (which is almost unheard of now a days) after 5 years. Fri-sun pick ups are double time. Holidays are double time a half. Fourth consecutive day is time and a half (double time for night shift), and fifth consecutive day is double time. We are also looking for charge nurses. PM me and I can get you our union contract and a bene sheet. Easy to make six figures. Pt ratio is 1:4 although we are trying out 1:3 occasionally. It has its ups and downs I'd be happy to discuss with you! Many people use this as a stepping stone to get into Kaiser so we do have turn over.


kelsonsa, BSN, RN, EMT-B

Specializes in ED. Has 4 years experience.

Sorry didn't realize this was only for new grads. Although it says new grad program on KPs page that sadly is untrue they do not offer that program at this time.

Hi Sarah!

Is this position still open?


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I've heard recently there have been a lot of ER nurses leaving Sunnyside. Does anyone know the reason?