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I'm planning to move to WA or OR. I'd really love to live in the PNW. I've lived about ten years on and off in AK but am currently living in MI. I'm missing the ocean and mountains! Any pros or cons that people can think of between the two states?

I will have 2 years of ER experience in a educational Level One Trauma hospital in Detroit. I have my BSN and EMT-B. I will have my TNCC, ENPC, ultrasound guided IV, ALS, and BLS certs. I know it's not a lot but I'm hoping I can get in somewhere...

I'd like to live on the West coast of either state. Anyone recommend any hospitals? If I got a job in Seattle could I live outside and ferry in or is that too long of a commute? How about places like Everett or Bellingham, are those good places to work as an RN? I don't mind working in a large city but I prefer not to live in one.

Any information is welcomed. Please share your experience if you work at a hospital on the west coast of either state. I'm hoping to do a drive around in September.


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Go to Oregon, they pay way higher to RN's, less people, less traffic, beautiful beaches and cost of living is way cheaper. (I live and work in seattle, wa). Wahington doesn't crack the top 5 highest paying states for nurses and has a very high cost of living in the metro areas and does not pay as high to nurses when compared to the east coast (I worked in boston before moving).

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