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SheriffLauren has 5 years experience and specializes in Adult Psych.

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  1. Nurse patient ratio

    at the va psych unit we have 3 team nurses our max patient census is 25, divide that between each of the 3 nurses. So I can have up to 8 patients if we are totally full. i think it's way too many, personally i cant function beyond 6. i think you cant...
  2. If not nursing then what?

    Sometimes I also think about eventually working part time or per diem and doing more with art or gardening. That would be just as fulfilling. When I was younger I would enter the local art shows and at times have my art displayed in coffee shops. It ...
  3. If not nursing then what?

    I think that's awesome! That seems like a great hobby. It would be so cool to be able to say that you have a novel published. Do you have a blog or anything? I often wonder how nurses get into writing the cme courses I take.
  4. Boston Va retention

    I'm from there actually :) I know the situation is tough to get a job d/t saturation but actually cost of living is cheaper compared to the Seattle metro area so i really want to get back over there somehow.
  5. If not nursing then what?

    It would be pretty cool to have time and money to study whatever you wanted. Id like to study criminal justice.
  6. If not nursing then what?

    I had an assistance manager who ran either a group home or some type of assisted living home, i think she had less than 10 residents at a time. I don't know the particulars but I know they are in high demand, there are very few places for people who ...
  7. Step increases every other year?!

    I didn't know about the across the board raise. I've been a RN for 5 years and at the VA for 1 year. I've tried to look through the contract and asked different departments for more information (obv I'm pretty confused) but have been hitting dead end...
  8. If not nursing then what?

    Baking is fun! My fiance says his dream is to have a doughnut shop someday.
  9. If not nursing then what?

    That's awesome that you have all that artistic ability! I also paint as a hobby, I never considered doing it as my job however, I was afraid it would become less enjoyable if I had to rely on it for my income. Art and doing crafts is so relaxing I fi...
  10. If not nursing then what?

    I am someone who never had a real job before becoming a nurse. I mowed lawns and landscapes for people under the table before graduating. Now that I work I always think...what about when I want to step away from bedside nursing-what if I step away fr...
  11. How did you know when your specialty was THE one

    I fell into psych. One day I realized i dont need to worry about breaking my back, risk of fluids exposure is low and so is needle stick, we have the best security in the hospital, most of my day is spent talking to some very interesting people. Most...
  12. Failed Accelerated BSN program

    i work with older nurses, meaning they went to school around 40 or 50! you can do it. accelerated programs are tough, nursing has a ton of info to learn very quickly. do the traditional program, give your brain time to learn the new information.
  13. Inpatient Boarders?

    at my hospital i know part of this issue is that we have too many 1:1 patients in the hospital (each unit has 3 on average) and too little staff (poor retention d/t wages) which causes beds to be blocked on almost every unit, so while we have empty b...
  14. CE requirements for VA?

    the cdc has cme,, quantum ce, medscape, the american nurse documentary will give you cme credit for viewing it, johns hopkins has ce for nurses, ahrq does too. i use elite and they are ancc approved. i spent 60$ this year to get 1 yr unlimi...
  15. Switching out of Psych

    I would also say that if you are open to non traditional nursing jobs you could apply with your state for public health positions, dshs/med floors, or at the corrections dep they also have med wings. these places are not so glamorous and often hire w...