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  1. meg0620

    All Transcripts When Applying?

    When applying to your CRNA program did you have to submit all transcripts from any college ever attended including ones you earned no credits or degree from? Or just your undergrad transcripts? Thanks!
  2. meg0620

    I am a CNA and ER Tech. I need an advise

    I'm actually feeling the exact same way. I was dead set on going to nursing school until about 8 months after becoming a cna at a hospital. They overwork us. 16 patients per CNA on the heaviest/busiest floor in the hospital. Very high acuity. It's burning me out already. I should have stayed in the float pool but this floor just made me hate being in the healthcare field period. I don't want to be a nurse at all anymore. But I really don't have any other options at this point I feel like.
  3. meg0620


    I think most hospitals are non Union. At least in the Chicagoland suburbs they are. They aren't pushing bsn to msn. They are pushing the adns to get a bsn (suburbs). The most well known hospitals in the city are magnet hospitals so they require a bsn. I think you would have no problem finding a job. However, these hospitals' HR departments reply very slow.
  4. meg0620

    Who are the lucky ones not working the holidays???

    I don't work any holidays unless I sign up. I do sometimes because I like the holiday pay. I am the only registry CNA on our unit.
  5. meg0620


    We have 31 patients on our unit. At night we get 9 nurses, one being a free charge. We have 2 cnas. Each nurse gets a max of 4 patients unless they are assigned a vent or insulin drip then they get 3. I used to float and this is hands down the busiest floor in the entire hospital (aside from ER). Our unit has three hallways and are shaped like a T. So one long hallway and a shorter one that meets in the middle of the long one. Day shift has 3 cnas (one in each hallway) and 10 nurses. We used to get 10 but they took away our 10th nurse to give day shift an extra CNA (they used to get 2). Nurses are consistently getting high scores for courtesy, respect, education and explaining, etc. but the score that continuously brings our entire score down is call lights. Not being answered in a timely fashion. You would think management would get the hint but they don't.
  6. meg0620


    Yes exactly! And I see some names on the board and I roll my eyes. Because I know the corners these people cut, but they are excellent "sales people" as another member mentioned.
  7. meg0620

    As a CNA, What Was Your Starting Pay? 2015

    My starting pay with no experience was 11.43 plus 2.25 for night shift and another 1.00 for weekends. We get a 2% raise every year. I've been there for 1.5 years. My base is 11.78 and I make 2.00 extra from 7p-11p then add another .25 after 11 and another dollar if it's a Friday or Saturday night.
  8. meg0620


    I'm just a CNA. Future nurse. It still makes me angry though.
  9. meg0620


    Just needed somewhere to vent. Family doesn't understand and I try not to speak bad about the disfunction and disorganization of our unit with staff.
  10. meg0620


    Everything is about patient experience. Not about actual care. It actually hurts a little. On my unit, as well as hospital wide, we have patient satisfaction scores. Our unit is continually in the bottom 3. Our manager has morning huddles and writes people's names on the board that were positively mentioned by a patient. I'm all for recognition and rewarding those that are deemed "excellent," but that doesn't mean that people who weren't mentioned weren't excellent as well. On top of that, they make you feel bad if your name wasn't mentioned. The management is always sending emails saying we need to script the word "excellent" into conversations with a patient so we can get the credit we deserve. In my mind, I don't do the job I do for recognition or rewards. I do it because I care. It does not sit right in my conscious to "script" to my patients. Patients compliment me all the time and thank me numerous times and it just feels so not genuine to say "thanks for the compliment, make sure you tell my manager I was excellent!" It's just not in my heart. I know my patients love me. I don't need recognition from my manager. She especially wants it from night shifters (my shift) because she isn't following us around all day to see how we are. It's just frustrating.
  11. meg0620

    CNA to MA

    I just have to share my excitement!!! I have been a CNA in a hospital for a year. I work full time overnight 7p-7a. I HATE the night shift, but I wouldn't be able to pay my bills without the night differential. I have two small kids and the night shift is really taking a toll on my health and my sanity. i also hate being a CNA. Becoming one has made me realize I DO NOT want to do bedside nursing. I was recently offered a position at an OBGYN office as a medical assistant. I am not certified but they like that I have hospital CNA experience as well as phlebotomy training. I will be making more than I do on nights and I get to work dr office hours. I am beyond excited!! I've been trying to get into OB since I got my CNA license and now I'll be working directly with a new OB. OTJ training will be provided to me from the other MAs. I'm just so happy!
  12. meg0620

    Any non-certified surgical techs?

    Just wondering what it was like. I'm interested in it but didn't want to go through the surgical tech program because I am going to nursing school.
  13. Just wondering. I saw a job posting for a non-cert surgical tech and was just wondering if anyone has only had OTJ training.
  14. meg0620

    Endo tech interview

    I applied for an endo tech at a well respected hospital in my area. I got a call the next day from HR for a phone screen and passed and said the manager should be contacting me next week for an interview. I am currently a CNA on a telemetry floor. I have 1 year experience. I also have phlebotomy training which HR said was required. Why would phlebotomy be required for an endo tech? What can I expect my job duties to be?

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