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Any non-certified surgical techs?


Just wondering.

I saw a job posting for a non-cert surgical tech and was just wondering if anyone has only had OTJ training.

I did OTJ. Do you have specific questions about it or just wondering what it was like?

Just wondering what it was like. I'm interested in it but didn't want to go through the surgical tech program because I am going to nursing school.

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Does the position require having graduated a surg tech program? My facility will hire those who choose not to take the certification exam but they still must have completed a program. OJT for a surg tech position is probably not going to be easy to find- it's going to be time consuming and expensive for a facility to do that. Many opt not to because of programs that exist to train people to do that exact job. My facility hasn't done OJT since the 1970s. Something to be sure about if you choose to apply.

In will say my facility doesn't do OTJ training any more either and I had experience with the surgical instruments which may by why they decided to do OTJ with me.


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I would be shocked to see a place hiring external people for an ojt scrub job. It's a long learning curve that is usually reserved for someone that has worked there for a while in spd or something similar.

I'm a non - certified scrub (currently studying to become certified)If your an LPN/LVN or RN you don't have to worry about the NBSTSA or NCCT certification. That only applies to Surgical technologist who gone through a ST program. There are a few places that do OJT i read somewhere that there where training CNAs to scrub C- Sections at a Hospital in Iowa. a hospital in Alabama was still doing OJT but iv think that may have changed since they have opened more ST programs in that state.

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