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  1. Would you consider your time In LPN school as experience?

    I would try Homecare agencies. They are more flexible with willing to hire new grads. I would also try ltc facilities. Also I've learned you just gotta jump into it. Remember the Medication rights. Also keep a notebook and a pen to write down importa...
  2. How did you study 1st semester?

    Definitely take alot of notes. Record lectures if possible. Also review information learned same day. So that it stays fresh. Good luck!
  3. So hello all nurses...... I just have a bone to oick. And want to know if others have been in this same position. I have been looking to lpn to rn bridges for a maybe 6 months now and realized that all programs have different requirements. My questio...
  4. Best study items for preparing for Nclex pn?

    Thank you guys
  5. Hey guys I wanted to know what are you guys using or what did you use to prepare for your Nclex pn exam. E.g. (kaplan, Nclex?)
  6. TEAS one stop

    thank you

    lol only pool but my job constantly needs help so i can make do with that and i have a second job as well..

    Yes i am currently making 18.00 as a pool cna so it technically is enough for me t get by and make it 2 or 3 more years in school

    I am a CNA now and alot of the fellow nurses that work at my job have instructed me to do the same. Thank u!
  10. LPN OR BSN

    You are soo right and thank you for your comment. I am pursuing n comm. rn and a bsn program. Either one will do thank u!!!!
  11. LPN OR BSN

    Hey everyone, I am so confused about what I should do at this point with my nursing career. I have been a CNA for 7 years and at this point im making ok money, however my ultimate goal has to always been return back to school. I have a fair amount of...
  12. Books are so expensive!!!

    Bookrenters, and different places. Get isbn number and shop around
  13. Science/Math isn't your thing, but you're doing it

    Well I can tell you what I am doing now. Youtube, google, and repeat. With the obessive amounts of info on the net there is plenty out there to help get you or shall I say us through. GOOD LUCK TO U!
  14. 9/4 This week in PreNursing I learned....

    Hello everyone, wish you guys much success in your classes this fall. Taking chem over and psych. Applying for mccc program next spring!
  15. Heavily Burdened

    thank u! Good luck to u as well!