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  1. Assaivivace

    Houston/Dallas pay for experienced nurse?

    Hi all, contemplating relocating to Dallas or Houston from Nebraska. I’m originally from San Antonio but moved away for school. I have 3 1/2 years of ICU experience. CCRN certifies, always get stellar performance reviews. Currently making $29/hr. What can I except at the big hospitals in Houston or Dallas? Also: sell me on your city! I’m so homesick
  2. Hi there, im a BSN with about 3 years experience in Trauma ICU. I’m looking to move to Dallas or Austin and wondering which are the best level 1 Trauma centers to work for. I prefer academic hospitals. What can can I expect to make? Currently getting $29 as my base rate.
  3. Assaivivace

    Cath Lab?

    Thank you for that resource! I'll be training a few days a week for a month and a half then maintain a shift or two a month so I'm hopeful I'll be able to maintain my skills. It's a small lab so it's not quite as specialized as a langer, tertiary medical center. I'm excited to learn
  4. Assaivivace

    Cath Lab?

    Just accepted a position prn in a cardiac cath lab in a small hospital. Super excited for this opportunity but wondering what resources to use to keep my skills up (sounds like I'll be working a few times a month and taking call) since I've never done work in a procedural area before. Also, what are some tips for handling hot headed docs? Hear some horror stories from my friends...
  5. Assaivivace

    Taking a break from NP School?

    Thats what I’m hoping for if I do take a break. At the 1.5 mark with being currently on track to graduate in two years, taking a year off would allow me to really hone in on some experience and build my skills.
  6. Assaivivace

    Taking a break from NP School?

    ^ Because the NP markets seem to be getting saturated
  7. Assaivivace

    Taking a break from NP School?

    Thanks for your reply! Do you think I’ll have a harder time finding a job? I hear the market is already so saturated
  8. Assaivivace

    Taking a break from NP School?

  9. Assaivivace

    Taking a break from NP School?

    Hi everyone, I wanted some advice on potentially taking a break from NP school. I'm in an Adult-Gero Acute Care MSN program, and just finished my first year. I'm getting ready to start clinical late Fall/early next Spring. That being said, I only had a year of experience when I enrolled in the program and am feeling nervous about starting clincials so soon. I'm an ICU nurse. Additionally, I need to work both full time and usually pick up an extra shift a few times a week as I have no familial support system, and in fact help my family out quite a bit. I'm contemplating postponing my clinicals to next fall, taking some of my lighter classes in the Fall (leadership, etc) and paying for those with my employer's tuition reimbursement program. Additionally, if I were to postpone a year I would open up more reimbursement money and will not have to pay any more than 1k out of pocket for the program. What's holding me back is fear that I will forget a lot of pharm/patho and advanced assessment. I'm also worried that graduating a year later (2022 instead of 2021) will harm me in terms of looking for jobs in what seems like an already saturated market. It seems like there are jobs here for Acute-NPs, however, I don't know if that will still be the case in 3 years. Any advice?
  10. Assaivivace

    Acute Care DNP?

    I'm a BSN student right now and torn between all of the specialties I listed. I guess the way I worded my post doesn't make sense. For Acute Care - Adult, I'd be interested in ER or SICU or MICU. For neonatal, obviously NICU. Would Adult Acute care open me up to more prospects in the adult acute care fields I listed?
  11. Assaivivace

    Acute Care DNP?

    Hi there, I've been contemplating a DNP program, considering either the Acute Care Adult or Acute Care Neonatal track, but was wondering what the job outlook is for these careers. I'd like to ideally work in surgery or Emergency medicine. Are positions for Acute Care DNPS in these fields hard to come by? Will my role be similar to a PA? Any advice is greatly appreciated! I've done some research but everything seems to be vague or idealized.
  12. Assaivivace

    DNP and Phd?

    Does it make sense to pursue a DNP and Phd? I Would like to work as a clinician for quite a while, but I ultimately see myself as a nurse educator, and working in administration at a University, and/or doing research. Would a DNP all me to do this, or would a Phd in the field help me substantially?
  13. Hi ladies, I'll be starting the Creighton ABSN soon (just deferred to Spring) and I was wondering, for those who have recently completed the program or are currently in it, could you tell me what your schedule looks like? How much time per week are you spending in lecture and how much time in clinical, etc. Is your schedule strictly M-F, or are weekend clinicals included? Are classes only on certain days, and clinicals on others, or is there a mix of clinicals and classes in one day? Sorry if this is an odd request. Just trying to figure out exactly what I'm getting myself into haha Lastly, how much time is spent in skills lab vs. clinicals, especially when first starting out. Are you getting much hands-on experience in the hospital, or is it all confined to a skills lab?
  14. Hi there, for anyone who has recently completed creightons accelerated BSN program or has been accepted, can you give me an idea of what your GPA was? I'm a biology major with two Cs (general chemistry 1 and physiology) and two BCs/B- in organic chemistry 2 and biology 2. Both semesters I had some pretty bad personal problems so my GPA fell. The rest of my science classes are Bs with a few As and ABs thrown in, so I'm concerned about being accepted. My application essay is stellar and my work experience and leadership experiences are extensive. Lastly, for those who applied for the January start date, when did you submit your application?
  15. Assaivivace

    Creighton Accelerated January 2015

    For those who have done the accelerated nursing program or been accepted, could you tell me what your undergrad and or science GPA was?
  16. Assaivivace

    Direct entry BSN vs MSN

    Hi there! I'm in the process of making the decision to apply to post grad nursing programs, and was wondering if anyone had insights on the direct entry BSN programs vs. MSN. My ultimate goal is to become a CRNA or an NP, and I've heard MSN programs are being phased out. Does this effect direct entry/GEM type programs as well? How easy is it to enter the job market with these direct entry/accelerated post grad programs as opposed to those with a traditional BSN?

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