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  1. Help worried about my test

    I took the test yesterday and in the status box it read "eligible", but today it read "closed." Does anyone know what that means? My friend also took her yesterday in the morning and I took mine in the evening. She received her results and she pas...
  2. Help worried about my test

    Thanks so much Everyone!
  3. Help worried about my test

    Thanks again advice! I have grocery shopping and a ton of there things to do today. Let me get to them so that Monday will be here before I know it :) I'll keep you posted so that we can have the answer to what a CLOSED status indicates :) RNsWe
  4. Help worried about my test

    thanks so much for the advice and the quote! Congratulations on passing your boards Don 1984 :) Monday can't get here fast
  5. Help worried about my test

    Thanks, you think they will do an update on the weekend? or you're not sure about that either? I'm very anxious as you might
  6. Help worried about my test

    ok.....I'm speaking of the Ohio Board of Nursing website. When I enter my information and click search, there is a section that says Status in that box it says CLOSED it didn't read that yesterday or this morning it read ELIGIBLE (which meant that I...
  7. Help worried about my test

    Yes I just noticed I said I took NCLEX PN, and I'm in Ohio