Help worried about my test


I took the test yesterday and in the status box it read "eligible", but today it read "closed." Does anyone know what that means? My friend also took her yesterday in the morning and I took mine in the evening. She received her results and she passed. I'm trying to remain positive but it's killing me. I can't even find the meaning of a "closed" status in google, now you know that's sad :(


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Are you referring to your State BoN's website status for your license? What State are you in?

Yes I just noticed I said I took NCLEX PN, and I'm in Ohio


4 Articles; 10,428 Posts is your question about the website info itself? Because I don't know what "status box" you'd be referring to if you tried the PVT...?

Some States will post a pending status on their website, and it will say 'pending' until either a license is posted, or the applicant is removed (no license).

And if it's been only one day, how is it your friend "received her results"? BoN's don't send emails....I'm not understanding something here, sorry!

ok.....I'm speaking of the Ohio Board of Nursing website. When I enter my information and click search, there is a section that says Status in that box it says CLOSED it didn't read that yesterday or this morning it read ELIGIBLE (which meant that I was eligible to take the test). My friend looked her results up on the phone with me in her status box it reads ACTIVE and she has a license number, and she started her NCLEX at 8am. Being that I din't finish my test till about 6pm I'm thinking that my 24 hours will not be up until Monday. Most people that graduated with me received their results in 24 hours. What state do you live in?


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Ah, I see what I was missing. Individual Boards of Nursing do their websites any which way they feel like; some update daily, others every few days, or weekly, or even every few weeks, monthly. I would think that only someone in Ohio is going to have more info on this for you, but honestly, getting results THIS fast is ridiculously amazing, and even if you have to wait until's LIGHTNING fast compared with many others! If your BoN truly updates every 24 hours, it's a GIFT.

So, best I can tell you is that by the time anyone will likely have any info for you (another member who is familiar with Ohio BoN), you'll already know your results :)

Hang in there. You'll find out very soon!

Goodluck :D

Thanks, you think they will do an update on the weekend? or you're not sure about that either? I'm very anxious as you might


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Thanks, you think they will do an update on the weekend? or you're not sure about that either? I'm very anxious as you might

Sorry, I really don't know. And yes, I *think* I can tell you're anxious! :)

Honestly, it seems like forever right now, but it's just a couple of days! When you think about's NOTHING compared with the study time, right?

Suggestion: find something else to do now! Clean out your closets, toss out old stuff and reorganize. Clean out your kitchen cupboards and fridge; lose the stuff that's expired and wash down the shelves. Be productive and time will go much faster....AND you will have gotten some neglected chores out of the way :D



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Usually it will say "pending" or "eligible" before you take the test. Once you have taken the test your status changes to "closed" or "active". It may say closed until they issue your license then change to active, I don't know the specifics of Ohio.

I took my test in Indiana on a Friday and didn't get the results until Monday. Classmates that took it Monday-Thursday got their results the next day. You will probably have to wait until Monday since 24 hours would be 6pm Friday and the Ohio BON was closed by then.

thanks so much for the advice and the quote! Congratulations on passing your boards Don 1984 :)

Monday can't get here fast

Thanks again advice! I have grocery shopping and a ton of there things to do today. Let me get to them so that Monday will be here before I know it :) I'll keep you posted so that we can have the answer to what a CLOSED status indicates :) RNsWe


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With the Holidays looming, there must be MUCH you can do.