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  1. hopern84

    new nurse /gaslighting

    Thanks everyone for responding. It really is very helpful to see things through the eyes of others and obtain different points of view.
  2. hopern84

    new nurse /gaslighting

    When I was in nursing school, I had classmates minimize what another said or made others feel inferior or that there thoughts and concerns weren't valid. At the time nursing being a second degree, I thought some of my classmates were petty and needed to grow up. Then I finished school passed boards and started my first job in a city hospital where I ended up resigning after a few months because of the bullying and the toxic environment that I was in. Fast forward to new job, the environment is better and I do like my coworkers. However I find that nurses continue to minimize and after looking up these behaviors online I found the term "gas lighting". I really want to make friends and I am trying so incredibly hard. I am really a genuinely friendly and talkative person. But once I feel like what I say is being downsized or minimized....Or I'm made to feel that I'm not important enough and that I don't have a right to give an opinion or have a voice. I become quiet and try to avoid people. I'm asking everyone on this site to please explain why is this behavior done to each other? How do I manage it? What do I do? How do I fit in. I'm tryin so freakin hard and its killing me.
  3. hopern84

    new grad 2nd job

    I have a brand new job at a different facility and I am so happy. My last job however ended awful, big city hospital and was hazed and eaten alive. I had to resign after a few months. I explained to my brand new facility very professionally about leaving my last job. So of course I will be going through orientation. How do I explain this to my colleagues. I really don't want rumors and really want everything to go well.
  4. hopern84


    Wouldn't that be inappropriate though? what would be the best way i could do that?
  5. hopern84


    After leaving a bad facility, with horrible teamwork, how can one find out what the teamwork is really like at other facilities? HR and Hiring Manager can only say so much during interviews and I'd like a better more supportive experience
  6. hopern84

    novice struggles

    So I need some advice. I am still a novice nurse. I quit my first job after only a few months. I quit my job because I was bullied and hazed. It was the worst job I think I will ever have for the rest of my life. People were nasty and stole my lunch and would never answer any of my questions without rolling there eyes or being nasty. Management never backed up employees and we were all replaceable. Moving forward- Recently I interviewed at a wonderful facility that I would love to work for. When asked about my last job and only being there a few months I simply said that the nurses on the floor didn't give much support and my orientation was only a few weeks. I asked if I resigned or quit. I explained that I resigned. I had one interview with a nurse manager and then a week later another interview with the hiring manager who told me HR would be in touch. However HR was not in touch. I spent hours so upset over this today. To have this opportunity would mean the world to me. I called the hiring manager and left a voicemail and informed that HR has not been in touch as of yet. I really do not know what to do. I need a new hospital job. I want to grow as a new nurse and all i wanted was some support. I feel that I can't get over all the damage of my last job because it is hindering my ability to get a new job now. What do I do? Do I give up on this wonderful facility? Does it ever get better? Will another hospital ever take a chance on me? Or do I lie and say I have no experience. My heart is breaking. I felt as a nurse I could evolve and grow and I'd have job stability. Now I'm scared and feel so unstable and have loans to pay back and home care just isn't cutting it for me. Please give me some ideas or help me with advice.
  7. hopern84

    philly to florida

    I'm a philly nurse moving to south florida. Just wanted to ask for advice.... Are the people more friendly? Rude? I'll take any and all advice. What are cool things to do in South Florida? I know its going to be quite of an adjustment for me. I'm only used to the tristate area but a little more on the friendlier side than most...
  8. hopern84

    interview soon

    I have an interview coming up at a hospital. I was asked if I was currently at my old hospital, I quickly said that I resigned and hope to be given another opportunity. My first nursing job turned out to be an ultimate disaster a real toxic place that wasn't nice to new graduates at all. How do i explain all of this to another hospital. If i am able to land this other job, I would be so grateful and appreciative. I really need the experience and I really really need a hospital job. Please help me with advice.
  9. hopern84

    will i ever get hired at another hospital?

    What do you mean by alternates? Look at other hospitals also?
  10. My first hospital job as a new grad was a disaster and I ultimately had to resign after a few months. I am now looking at other opportunities such as homecare, rehab or skilled nursing facilities. After a year or so I would like to look at hospitals again. Will I get hired? Or if i start homecare will I be limited to just a homecare positions. Please help this new grad out. I need solid advice.
  11. hopern84

    Is Nursing school totally out of the picture for me?

    My first time in college, I did absolutely horrible. Years later I went to community college did all my nursing pre-reqs applied to several programs and got in. I wouldn't give up. I would keep trying and I would explain that nursing is what you want vs. pharmacy and explain why. I am sure they will consider that you were a pharmacy major vs the english major who also applies. Nursing school is competitive but it there's a will there is def a way. Apply to all programs and write a cover letter. Keep your grades up and do volunteer work also. Don't give up. If I can do it, so can you!
  12. hopern84

    PIV's and labs

    Do nurses in sub acute rehabs start peripheral IV's and obtain labs? Also where can a nurse get extra peripheral IV experience if she just left a hospital after months of hell, but doesn't wanna lose the little skills that she worked hard to develop...
  13. hopern84


    Any ideas how to explain it to a new job without bashing my employer?
  14. hopern84


    I was yelled at in front of patients, patients family members and other nurses. When asking a question people would walk away or roll there eyes at me. When I needed another nurse to waste or verify I was always given the hardest time
  15. hopern84


    Any ideas on how to potentially explain it without badmouthing my employer.