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  1. susing0726

    help in job.... long island

    hi everyone, i got my RN licence in january 2015 .... after that i started saerch for job.... i applied everywhere.... hospital, nursing home , agency.... but no call .... i m BSN rn .... i really need hel[p who can help me in get in hospital ... anyone on longisland ny who work in hospital can help me... please i really need help ...
  2. susing0726

    NCLEX - SATA Questions

    Sata is hard but try lippincott alternate format question book it has a lot of sata question
  3. susing0726

    I got the good pop up! I hope it still works right!

    Congrats dear
  4. susing0726

    Looking for help

    Try ncbsn its really good
  5. susing0726


    Let me tell u .... Take a break of 2 weeks .... I know failings in nclex is hard experience... I passed mine 3 Ed attempt .... Get together ur self and find out the area which needs to be focused... Don't run away ... U will do it
  6. susing0726


    Hi I just passed mine on 30 dec... It was my 3 rd time ...for me. Lippincott for question and ncbsn for content really work ... All the best and I kno this is ur last time í ½í±
  7. susing0726

    deeply frutrated, UK RN trying to pass NCLEX

    By d way I was scoring 50 to 65% from practice questions.... But I was reading rational
  8. susing0726

    deeply frutrated, UK RN trying to pass NCLEX

    Hi I also did my Bsn nsg India... I studied for 3 months... 3 hrs every day... For content I followed NCBSN and for questioning lippincott alternative format which is one of the best book and I passed nclex rn on 7 January 2015
  9. susing0726

    Pass my NCLEX rn

    Oh yes relieved
  10. susing0726

    Pass my NCLEX rn

    It took whole one week
  11. susing0726

    Pass my NCLEX rn

    Sorry it was 180 questions
  12. susing0726

    Pass my NCLEX rn

    Hello everybody I m so glad to share my experience that I pass my NCLEX RN in 280 questions..... I just want share that it does nt really matter which material r u studying but it does matter how consistently u r studying.... Most importantly is focus .... For my Kaplan doesn't help .... I studied NCBSN content and questions and very important book lippincott for questions and sata ... I think lippincott has more harder questions than NCLEX... I also watch online video on ECG .... Finally last but not least it does nt really matter how many times u r giving but finally if u pass it matters... This website really gave me strength and well power... Thanks and all d best
  13. susing0726

    Help me plzzz ..., no result after 3 days

    My result is still on hold
  14. I took my nclex rn on 30 December ... And it stopped on 180 ... I checked alot of time my result on hold ..... Today I called Pearson cue they said I have incidence report because of finger print... I have to wait for a week because of weekend... I m freaking out ... Any body have any experiene or any comments.. Plz help
  15. susing0726

    Need help no result after 72 hrs

    Hi I took my nclex rn third time on 30 December.. Stopped on 180 questions... Almost 20 sata, a lot medicine, infection control,last question was side effects on psy medicine... After that till today I did got any result... Pvt said result on hold can't make another registration.... Plz help me wat to do .... I m freaking out
  16. susing0726

    tommorrow is NCLEX RN

    My result is still on hold ... Freaking out..