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studying for nclex rn


i m studying for nclex rn.. but i m not gud in sata question... so need advice...

and is kaplan question trainer available online for free ??? if yes plz tell me

What worked for me was to understand the content and view it as True or False.. Some of the SATA questions you can easily use true or false but some needs some understanding on contents.. When i was reviewing on Nclex-rn, i tried my best to pay attention in every word that i did not understand, search them or use google images, and know what's happening in certain diseases. I was scared at first but as i was progressing with my review i slowly find it easy to answer SATA and it's not scary at all..

Nienna Celebrindal

Has 12 years experience.

Get some sata study books and keep doing questions. You have to figure out what they are looking for. When I started practicing them I did terribly. I was get 2 out of 10 right. Once I figured them out, took me about half of a book, I was getting 8 or more out of 10 right.

Kaplan is not free. If sata is a weakness for you imo Kaplan is not a good choice anyway. I vastly preferred my sata book, I used lippincott. At least for practicing those types of questions.

The strategy learned recently to read the answers first then categorize them for example one category can be positive the other category can be negative try to find out stem of the answers then read the questions! It worked for me! Good luck ~