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  1. thecookingnursing

    first job LTC need advice

    hi guys. thank you for all the response and feedback. sorry I'm just now posting. I've been really busy at work (2 jobs) So, I started at the LTC. they gave me 3 shifts to train. I am working the overnight shift, and truth be told, I think that was a blessing. After my trainer and I complete the first med pass ( that *** takes a looong time!!) we start charting, after that, we visit all the residents to make sure we don't have any falls (by this time, almost all of the patient are asleep). after that we go back to nurse's station so I can familiarize myself with the software we use to chart. if all is well up to this point in the night, we go through our cart and organize it. then a quick lunch break and a cigarette, then we continue with our second med pass (4am), but the second time is a lot easier than the first. at this point, its around around 5am and we start praying that no concern will arise from the residents (no falls, admission please). at this point, my trainer will start going over our endorsement sheet (6am). after endorsement, I get to kick back for 30 minutes then I clock out. 6:30am just a side note, the CNAs in my shift are very proactive. They are very easy to approach. all the LPNs and CNAs keeps telling me I got lucky I got put in overnight and in that particular unit. (there are 3 units, 3 carts per unit). one night, I saw one CNA getting ready to bathe a resident, and another CNAs came over to help him. I was like, that's pretty cool. I will be working by myself next Saturday, I'm a little nervous again. any advice guys I really appreciate it!!
  2. thecookingnursing

    first job LTC need advice

    good morning!! new grad here. got a job offer a nursing home. any advice on how to develop good relationships with the CNAs, LPNs? advice on time management, proper delegation, etc. any advice is welcome. I am a little nervous. very first nursing job. thank you guys also, what kind of stuff do you guys think I should bring to work? stethoscope, notepad, etc?
  3. thecookingnursing

    nursing home or correctional

    thank you for the response. I was leaning towards the nursing home. I feel like I would learn more at the nursing facility as suppose to the county jail. Thank you for the advice
  4. thecookingnursing

    nursing home or correctional

    Good morning my fellow RNs. I was wondering if you guys can give me some feedback on my situation. I have a job offer from nursing home and county jail?I'm a new grad. just looking for some guidance. any feedback is appreciated
  5. thecookingnursing

    interview questions

    good morning guys!! I am excited and nervous at the same time. I have an interview on Friday. Can you guys give me some ideas as to what questions they like to ask in correctional nursing? what questions/concerns should I ask them?
  6. thecookingnursing

    interview question tips

    good morning, I have finally got my first nursing interview. psych facility. Any tips on interview questions? I am kinda nervous. Actually, really nervous
  7. thecookingnursing

    training program

    good afternoon vegas people. new grad here. passed the nclex about a month ago. just wondering, what's the training like for new grads in vegas valley hospitals? I really want to do med/surg. I'm just looking for some insights
  8. thecookingnursing

    Work schedule

    Good morning guys! I’m trying to find out what a typical work schedule is like at a dialysis center is like? Fresenius or Davita? Is it 12-hour shifts, 8 hours? How many days? Just passed the nclex and would love to start my career in dialysis. Thank you all!!
  9. thecookingnursing

    test day NOV.2

    hello my fellow future nurses! just looking for some motivation. I'm taking my nclex on November, 2. That's about a month and a half of studying. I don't work so I have all day and all night to study. Do you guys think its possible to pass the exam with that kind of time?
  10. thecookingnursing

    CNA test tomorrow

    My exam is tomorrow morning..So nervous!!!
  11. thecookingnursing

    acls bcls training in LV

    Thanks for the information guys. I do appreciate it
  12. thecookingnursing

    acls bcls training in LV

    Good afternoon people!! anyone know where I can go for the acls bcls training in vegas. Thank you guys
  13. thecookingnursing

    cna cert. exam tips/advice

    ah ok..thank you.i appreciate that. So, should I treat it like in the classroom where you recite what you're doing and give the rationale why you're doing it.step by step.
  14. thecookingnursing

    cna cert. exam tips/advice

    Good morning everyone. i'm getting ready to take my cna certification exam and i'm looking for any advice or tips about the skills part of the exam. Anyone from nevada can share their experience. I'm just trying to get a feel on how the skills part is given. I guess just the flow of things. I'm not worried so much about the written part.i'm really trying to focus on the skills, I guess stuff on how should I start, should I do things a certain way? Thank you guys for all the feedback.

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