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cna cert. exam tips/advice


Good morning everyone. i'm getting ready to take my cna certification exam and i'm looking for any advice or tips about the skills part of the exam. Anyone from nevada can share their experience.

I'm just trying to get a feel on how the skills part is given. I guess just the flow of things. I'm not worried so much about the written part.i'm really trying to focus on the skills, I guess stuff on how should I start, should I do things a certain way?

Thank you guys for all the feedback.

mindofmidwifery, ADN

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I didn't take my exam in Nevada but let me just tell you the flow of skills isn't going to go as smooth as you'd hope. For me, I had experience in the nursing home before the exam and knew the flow of care. During the skills exam, it was very awkward and unnatural but as long as you do everything correctly you'll pass! Don't miss any important points.

ah ok..thank you.i appreciate that. So, should I treat it like in the classroom where you recite what you're doing and give the rationale why you're doing it.step by step.

mindofmidwifery, ADN

Specializes in ICU Stepdown.

That's what I did. I just explained what I was doing as I was doing it so I made sure I didn't miss anything.


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I did my cert in California and the written was in a classroom and there was a separate room with the skills/equipment. There will be people who don't even know the steps. They randomly selected 5 skills. She didn't even pay attention. When I did something wrong she pointed it out, I couldn't manuever myself because there was not even a real hospital bed - it was a mannequin on a table.

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