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nursing home or correctional


Good morning my fellow RNs. I was wondering if you guys can give me some feedback on my situation.

I have a job offer from nursing home and county jail?I'm a new grad. just looking for some guidance.

any feedback is appreciated

For your first job, I think a nursing home would be better for growth and future opportunities. What sounds most appealing to you? Jail nursing is hard because you don't work with many other medical personnel, so it limits your learning. And you literally have to go into jail every day. The work conditions are not ideal, and it may train you to develop bad nursing habits if you aren't surrounded by other nurses who are held to best practice standards. Try to pick a first job that you are either passionate about, or that can expose you to a lot of different learning opportunities.

thank you for the response. I was leaning towards the nursing home. I feel like I would learn more at the nursing facility as suppose to the county jail.

Thank you for the advice


Has 3 years experience.


I vastly preferred prison to the nursing home. Of course, as the previous poster stated, being alone in a jail is not ideal. Will you be the only nurse on shift?

You may see a wider variety of conditions in the jail and have the opportunity for more clinical skills use, again depending on the situation in your jail.

The nursing home is safer in some ways, although nursing home residents can be unpredictable. In my experience, I liked that there was no family to deal with in prison, and smart - *** patients could be redirected. Also, I found that narcotics were much better monitored in the prison. In the nursing home, a few narcotics were mysteriously "wasted" most shifts.

It sounds as though the nursing home is calling you, so try it out. You can switch later if it is not to your liking....

I ended up choosing the nursing home. thanks for all the input guys. much appreciate it