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  1. ID card before OBLC?

    GoGreen and LZRN... I would get your ID ASAP. This allows you access to military installations, the PX, military discounts ect. It will also help because you need to get your uniforms before you go to OBC. Here is the link to RAPIDS, just enter your ...
  2. OBC-RC Pay

    Update... According to my LTC Chief Nurse we should be getting paid while in OBC. However the reservists often fall through the cracks. We are working to make sure that all my ducks are in a row before I leave (in less that two weeks) so I will not b...
  3. 2 June Boards(Questions, pls help)

    NP, I would contact your recruiter and ask if 2 June was the document deadline or if it in fact was the boarding date. There is a deadline set approx 2 weeks before boards. You should have known within a few days if you had made it through boards, it...
  4. Army Reserve Uniform Allowance

    Yep we get $600.00 after OBC. You have to submit the correct form (USAR 25R) to your unit after completion. It is anyones guess when you will actually get the money!! =)
  5. OBC-RC Pay

    Edie, I am getting ahold of my LTC this morning. There is no way in hell that I will go through a month with no income. I will keep you posted.
  6. OBC-RC Pay

    Thanks for your input dconnors... I am wondering if those who went through OBC-R did not get paid until after the completion of the 4 weeks or if a check was cut q2 weeks. Thanks!
  7. OBC-RC Pay

    Yeah I know but I find it interesting that this subject hasn't come up on here before and why are we not told in advance so we can do some financial planning/rearranging.
  8. OBC-RC Pay

    I heard through the grapevine that we do not get paid while we are at OBC and have to wait until the course is finished. :omy:Any comments, input, ect are appreciated!!
  9. OBC

    On here?? Nope, I don't remember reading that one!
  10. OBC

    According to the email we will report to BLDG 592 (or something like that) for our room assignments. Looks like we will also be doubling up. Damn!! You should have gotten that email yesterday...from CPT Williams.
  11. Madigan AMC

    I was wondering if there were any 8As here who are stationed at Madigan? I will be at Ft Lewis in a couple of weeks and would love the chance for a tour of the critical care units. Thanks in advance! =)
  12. thank you to all

    Your welcome!
  13. OBLC requirements

    No worries might be out of the Army before you turn 50!! Not something that you need to worry about!
  14. OBLC requirements

    I just received all the paperwork for the PHA. There are guidelines for preventative health by age. Fecal occult blood/colonoscopy are not required until after the age of 50. PSA for men over 50. Mammogram for women over 40 and glaucoma for those ove...
  15. OBLC requirements

    We are good for a laugh at times!!! Too bad we can't make money with our humour!!