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Nicole5128 has 6 years experience as a ADN, BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency Medicine.

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  1. Nicole5128

    Thinking of giving up FNP program

    I just graduated with my BSN last december and took about a 2 month break then started FNP school online at south university while I'm travel nursing too at the same time. I'm extremely overwhelmed, I'm thinking I should've let myself have maybe a year break or something and I just don't want to do it anymore, I'm about 3 classes in and 7K in debt so far to the program. I just really feel like is it even worth it to go for FNP? I currently work ER at a level I trauma center and I love it, I don't feel overly stressed at work and I love my coworkers. I was thinking to myself, do I really want to go through all this school and studying when I could just be enjoying my life in beautiful florida with great people?? Do FNP's even make that much more than RN's?? I heard they don't but I've also heard crazy figures. Anyways money hasn't always been my number one priority as I don't spend much and I'm not flashy but hey making more is always a good thing right??? Should I drop the program and maybe start it up later or a year from now?? I don't know my drive for school is just not there anymore. I haven't taken a long break from school since I could remember. Even since highschool I always did summer school each year to get ahead, So i've really not had a summer break to myself since I was..... 14 maybe? Any and all information would be helpful, Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Nicole5128

    CEU compliance Texas BON

    How do you send in your proof of CEU's compliance to renew your license? Do you email it to them? do you print out a copy and send it to them? any ideas??? I know the online renewal form lets you just fill out information and pay and say that you have completed the 20 contact hours or so but it doesn't have a place for you to attach anything to prove it? I'm sort of confused. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Nicole5128

    NIH cert website being slow?

    finally got it to work. Gosh this software is terrible!!! or it just doesn't work after business hours
  4. Nicole5128

    NIH cert website being slow?

    I need to do my recert but this website is incredibly slow! and I'm trying to load the actual recert videos and it's not loading and/or taking forever??? I tried using a couple of different browers but keep getting the same thing. I need my recert like now or else I'm gonna get taken off the schedule. Anyone else have this problem with this website recently? I did it last in march with no issues that I remember but now I can't even get the modules to display (
  5. Nicole5128

    Good Florida Travel Agencies???

    Thank you so much for the information!!
  6. Nicole5128

    Good Florida Travel Agencies???

    I know this question has been asked before and I searched it and came up with something relevant but from 4 years ago and want more recent info. I'm an ER nurse with about 2 years now of experience. I wont need to take company housing 'cause I'll be living with my bf there. Any suggestions??? Good experiences?? I've read that florida is a hard state to work in. I've worked in some hard ERs so it wouldn't be anything completely new but of course not preferable to run my ass off and fear for my license every shift with crazy nurse/patient ratios but i've dealt with it before, would very much like to avoid that at all costs. Any info is very much appreciated! Thank you in advance!!
  7. Nicole5128

    I'm need help with the pharmacology

    And the answer is!!!..........
  8. Nicole5128

    Tips on interivew

    I think she means know about your hospitals mission statement
  9. Nicole5128

    Help relocating to houston

    I actually work in pearland which is a hop and a skip away from the Texas medical center and they have BEAUTIFUL 4 bedrooms in your price range!! Look at homes.com and make sure to select the for rent filter and u can use a map feature to pin point what houses are available in your desired location. I'm actually thinking of moving to pearland myself it's nice!
  10. Nicole5128

    How do YOU handle these situations?

    I would just call. Although I dont routinely have to go through calling docs, at my place of work they say for us to wait until 6 am to start calling docs/consults unless it's life threatening/very important. I'd say 6 am is ok but that's just my opinion. And if the doc gets mad oh well. Just document document document :)
  11. Nicole5128

    All Men Shift

    *Is also munching popcorn.... With a soda and chocolate*
  12. Idk if you're talking about memorial Hermann in the med center or their other ones but I did a lot of nursing rotations at memorial Hermann northeast while in nursing school and I liked it. Everyone was nice and they functioned well. That's about all the info I have. And as far as things to do in Houston. Midtown and montrose are two hopping places! And yes it's very hot here. There's a lot of outdoorsy people here that like to cycle and run and all that.
  13. Nicole5128

    ICU vs ER career advice

    ICU would be easier to start with. I work ER and we have some nurses come down from ICU and their knowledge is much more in depth pathophysiologically speaking. Almost nothing would scare you in ER after ICU. Prioritizing would be different but it seems like you would have that skill already since u said you've been floating down there a lot anyways
  14. Nicole5128

    IM injections

    I mean there's p&ps for things like phenegran admin which is IM only at my facility. They never explained the specifics for medication reconstitution for certain medications. If I ask I'm sure they would then let me know. But it's just here were a small ER so we don't have an on call cath lab so we don't have a stemi protocol, we don't have a stroke protocol we don't have a set heparin drip protocol/insulin drip protocol in place we've just been using what other nurses would use from other facilities it gives me an uneasy feeling but that's just how it is
  15. Nicole5128

    Go into nursing for the money?

    Me too! :)
  16. Nicole5128

    What would say to a nurse shadowing you

    I'm confused too

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