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I have recently been charged with domestic violence in florida but have not gone to court yet to see if it will get dismissed or not, it was very stupid I had a loud argument with my boyfriend in the parking lot and someone called the cops. Anyways If my case gets dropped and I never become "Convicted" then does that mean I have to report it to the florida board of nursing?? I was arrested and went to jail but I have not been convicted yet and hope not to. But yea just to restate the question if I do not become convicted and the charges are dropped do I have to report it to the florida board of nursing?

I read on the board that you only have to report pleas of guilty, No contest or any convictions. Just want to make sure.

And in the case I do become convicted, will I lose my license for this?? I have a clean record before this, and am currently in a masters program to become a nurse practitioner, I would hate to give that all up and I just recently earned my bachelors degree.

I recently went through the process. I did the DOE app because me and my brother argued, he hit first and i did hit back, defending and protecting myself.. because he had a scratch more than me and crying...I was arrested. Family violence.

No prior records, gave my side to the judge, she wrote it up as a misdeameanor, with a counseling class. I did all that a few years ago. Sent all the paperwork in, even certificate from the class, my letter, explaining in great detail. About a month (or less) I received my blue card. I'm keeping it close and in sure I'll have to do again when it's time for NCLEX app. OH, and I'm pre-student, not yet in a program so it was recommended to do before entering program.

Since you are in the program, maybe seeking a lawyer to get it down to mideameanor,. You've come to far to take chances with it.

It is a misdemeanor, my lawyer is trying to see if he can get it dismissed and my boyfriend signed an affidavit to not press charges and not testify and not be a witness to the state which the lawyer said would help get it dropped. I'm really hoping I don't lose my license because of this. Any ever have to report this to the board and lose their license on a first time offense?

Depends on your state, but the BON accepts misdemeanors, with certain criteria, I believe even if not dismissed. But sounds like you are on your way to getting it dismissed. Great luck to you.

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Too bad you didnot knock some sense into him as as no pressing charges.Damn little butterfly.

So what was the final outcome for you?

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