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  1. nursechrissyRN

    when to just give up on the dream?

    I wish I could move right now but with 2 teens in High school, it's not the best time. I have tried to contact the interviewers in the past to try and get some feed back but never received any response. I imagine it's my self confidence, I get extremely nervous usually fumble over some words, no matter how much I prepare. I hope I'm as lucky as you RNs, I hope something happens for me soon. I definitely feel drained and useless on a daily basis, hitting the wall. I went in to nursing so I could go to work everyday feeling accomplished, knowing that I was making a difference, and in addition "like" going to work.
  2. nursechrissyRN

    when to just give up on the dream?

    thank you very much for the encouragement, My employer is a free standing non-profit organization, no where to advance, I would love to move out of this state, I've given it serious consideration but with 2 kids in High school, I feel it wouldn't be the right time. Home health requires experience also, which brings me back to my problem, every one wants experience, why isn't anyone willing to give a nurse a chance to get the experience. It just get me so discouraged seeing many nurses around me getting hired, makes me feel less than, not as good. My dream job would be LDRP, I've pretty much accepted the fact that won't happen, but I would also love to work in an OB/GYN office, high risk OB or IVF. They all also require experience. trying to keep pushing forward. Thanks again for the kind words.
  3. nursechrissyRN

    when to just give up on the dream?

    Just looking for some outside advice, I'm an older nurse of 2 years stuck in a job I absolutely hate (addictions) I took it because, well, have to pay the bills. Since graduation (2012) I have continued job searching, on Indeed literally few time s a day, went in person to hospitals to drop off applications, paid a pretty penny to get an expert to do my resume', went back to school for my BSN, have taken some certs. I have done everything possible to increase my chances of getting a job. I did LTC right after graduation a for almost a year per diem, horrible and dangerous place, I do some school nurse subbing ( pay is a joke). I went back to school because I truly have a calling deep in my soul, I am an excellent nurse, it saddens me when no one will give me a chance. I have had interviews but...no calls, ever. My passion, the light in my heart is slowly burning out. I know to accomplish your dreams it takes hard work, I get that. Then to see other nurses get hired who either are #1 younger and #2 KNOW somebody, where does that leave me? It leaves me in a job that I'm extremely unhappy in, I don't use my skills, and I'm not gaining anything by working in addictions, nothing that will help my resume. It's throwing me into mindset of...why even bother, I'll never get a decent job. The thought of staying in this job until I retire is absolutely depressing. I used to get excited while applying for jobs, but after all the rejection, I don't even get my hopes up any more. Sorry for the rambling, just had to put this out there looking for a tiny tiny glimmer of hope, but not feeling hopeful, just want to cry most days. Thinking why did I even go back to school, dreams are crushed.
  4. nursechrissyRN

    What do you enjoy about addictions nursing?

    I feel like all I do is pass meds, I've been in addictions for close to 2 years and I want out but feel stuck. This experience on my resume' basically means nothing. I also feel like I'm becoming bitter and miserable in the job, which makes me feel horrible, I want to be there or my patients which I am, but the constant Motrin's Q4, cough medicine on and on and on. Then you see that patient leave and feel like you made a difference for them.......and then they're back 3 weeks later. I get so tired of the manipulation also. I need out.
  5. nursechrissyRN

    Detox nursing is sucking the life out of me

    I so feel your pain, I'm in Detox unit almost 2 years now, my first job. Starting to feel bitter, patients are so needy, demanding. I used to think that maybe I would make a difference in someone life, but not very much any more, I see the same faces over and over again, for most , I have no sympathy anymore, and I feel terrible about that. I'm always seeing patient's that didn't make it, in the obits. Been looking for a job for 2 years now, feeling like I'm "stuck" in addictions and can't get out, no Med surg floor wants a detox nurse, so I'm pretty much a "lifer" which infuriates me, this is not why I went back to school. Sorry for the rant. Good luck to you.
  6. nursechrissyRN

    feel like I'm hitting the wall

    This is my first post on ALLnurses, it's half venting and half desperately looking for some inspiration, maybe words of advice. I'm mid 40's, I graduated 2 years ago with ADN (I know, I know, BSN in the works) did a few months in horrid LTC facility. Was then hired as detox nurse PRN, wasn't thrilled but with no other offers and bills piling up, had to take it. So its a year and half later, I also started subbing in school for some extra $. I kid you not when I say I spend every extra minute I have searching and applying for jobs, it's on the verge of taking over my life. With nothing! I feel like I'm stuck in addictions now.. where I don't want to stay. Mean while, people I have graduated with are in the OR, on Oncology floors, ICU on Med/surg floors, really? this has me so depressed. I work so hard, I'm the first to come in early and last to leave, always picking up extra shifts ect. I have worked as much as 23 days in a row, I thought "hard work will pay off"...I'm not seeing it. Nursing is in my soul, its who I was meant to be and what I was meant to do. It brings me to tears some days when I think, possibly....this is as good as it gets for me. I went back to school later in life to pursue dreams, goals, be financially stable, and I feel all those dreams slowly drifting away from me. I'm going back for BSN I know that's an issue, trying to get some certs to hopefully help get recognized, polished my resume many times. Feeling hopeless and helpless. I try and stay positive, reading positive affirmations, church.. ect ect, feeling bitter most days. So Sorry, didn't mean this to be so long and drawn out.