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  1. nursing212

    2015 Lonestar spring hopefuls.

    Do you guys want me to do one. Granted I'm an alternate but if so let me know.
  2. nursing212

    2015 Lonestar spring hopefuls.

    do you know how the program has changed? As far as classes? Because I took pharmacology in the summer. They said that the program classes as in the amount of semesters would be changing? is that correct?
  3. nursing212

    any nursing or other suggestions?

    I mean anything in the health field that has similar hours. Most people say there's so much stuff but the thing is it's takes awhile to get into these programs. The mean time I'm not doing anything that productive. So I was trying to find out a speci...
  4. I'm in houston and i had already been to another nursing program. I failed out and have applied to two associate programs. The problem is in the event I don't get into either program. I already called almost every nursing school in my city and I can'...
  5. nursing212

    Lonestar and program

    Hi, So I'm wondering for instance I'm applying for lonestar nursing and program. which is an and program. anyways so I took a lot of the classes already so I already too all the classes besides nursing. anyways so from what i've seen in one semester,...
  6. Okay so basically went to a BSN nursing program and failed out. I took a pharm class and applied to two associate degree programs. Anyways I've been looking around to one of the programs and my ranking will not get me into the program most likely. I ...
  7. Hi everyone, okay so here's my story. I was in a nursing program , failed two classes. So I applied to two associate nursing programs and I will find out soon if I got in our not. I also took a pharmacology class over the summer. Anyways, I'm here t...
  8. Hi, I was wanting opinons. I'm currently waiting to get into the ADN Spring program. I have previously been in a BSN program but failed out. In the fall I wanted some suggestions of things to do? I.e. classes to take . Suggestions on if I don't get i...
  9. nursing212

    Degrees in the medical field

    I was writing to see if anyone knew more degrees in the medical filed besides nursing. I know there's more jobs out there but I mean specifically. It seems that most health related degrees have a program that has a strict deadline date of either in t...
  10. I'm writing to find out opinions. I failed out of a nursing school program, there's not a way for me to gain re-entry into that program. My question is which one makes more sense. I could either try to enroll in an ADN program for the spring. That wo...
  11. Hi, I wanted to know if anyone knew of other nursing schools in houston or Texas that their is a possibility of getting into after failing the first time. I basically mean after failing is your only option to try to get into a associates degree progr...
  12. Hi all! I hope everyone is doing well. I was posting on here to find out from people who are in the same situation as I am. I wanted to know about those who failed nursing school, did you get a different degree? Did you try to go into another progra...