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any nursing or other suggestions?


I'm in houston and i had already been to another nursing program. I failed out and have applied to two associate programs. The problem is in the event I don't get into either program. I already called almost every nursing school in my city and I can't apply to their program. So I'm trying to see if anyone had suggestions of jobs besides nursing that are kind along the lines of hours and pay. I can't wait around every semester to try to get into an associate program.


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There are quite a few professions with similar pay. As far as hours, nurses are usually on rotating schedules which you can find just about anywhere. If it is specifically 10s or 12s you are looking for, that would be a little more limited. We cant really tell you what other avenues to look to because we dont know what you like and like I said, there are so many different career options. Think about what interests you and then google careers based around that. If you just go jumping into any educational path to get to a career purely for money or hours, there is a good chance you will fail at that too. Do some soul searching.

I mean anything in the health field that has similar hours. Most people say there's so much stuff but the thing is it's takes awhile to get into these programs. The mean time I'm not doing anything that productive. So I was trying to find out a specific degree or something else.

The radiology techs and and respiratory therapists also start around 26 to 30/hr?

That's about the starting pay for new grad nurses in Houston.

There's plenty ... PLENTY of rad tech and RT programs with no waiting list and your nursing prerequisites are exactly the same as the prerequisites needed for these programs for the most part. Chuck out San Jac they have a resp ther and rad tech program.