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What's the next step after failing nursing school


Hi everyone,

okay so here's my story. I was in a nursing program , failed two classes. So I applied to two associate nursing programs and I will find out soon if I got in our not. I also took a pharmacology class over the summer. Anyways, I'm here to get advice in the event that I don't get into these two programs. I'm taking a medical terminology class this semester. Anyways I'm looking for advice in possibly a different degree in the medical field or something. I could keep taking a class here and there, but I feel like that would be wasting time. Anyone has any advice let me know.

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What do you have in mind?

Before you attempt to re-enter nursing school, understanding the WHY you failed is the first step; once you have gotten to the crux of that issue, then you can see with clarity on what you decide to do career-wise.

I failed an ADN program; dusted myself off eventually and went into a PN program. My issue was test anxiety; once I had a plan in relations with my test anxiety, I was able to succeed in my PN program, pass the boards the first time, and enjoy my career as a LPN; wanted more, applied and succeeded in a BSN program and passed the boards the

first time again, because I had a plan for my test anxiety.

I am currently enjoying my career as an RN, been one about two years.

There is life after failing nursing school. :yes:

Note that ADN programs may be harder to get in because there are probably more people applying to those than the BSN programs. I know in my ADN, there are 90 seats (although when I did the head count there weren't that many, so who knows what happened) and the number floating around is that there are on average 500 applicants at the beginning of each new period. And that's even with the restriction that you must be a county resident to apply to the program.

dont give up on your dreams brush yourself off and go at it again even more motivated.

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In my case the next step was finding another school to attend (after some soul searching.) I rocked it and became an LPN. I'm now in my final semester of RN school. It can be done, just as long as you learn from your experiences. Those who don't learn from history tend to repeat it. (That's a paraphrase of something Winston Churchill said.)

That said, If I failed out now I would get myself a job as a nurse's aid at a hospital. The work is hard and the pay is low, but you have a door into the nursing department if you go back and finish your degree somewhere.