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HM3-2-BSN's Latest Activity

  1. HM3-2-BSN

    Ohio State University DNP

    Has anyone completing Or currently completing the OSU DNP executive track program? I have questions about the immersion hours. Thx
  2. HM3-2-BSN

    VA Nurse Pay Scales

    Nurse 1, step 1, looks like 51k.
  3. HM3-2-BSN

    RN 2 NP at the VA

    Has anyone gone from being a staff RN to a NP successfully in the VA?
  4. HM3-2-BSN

    Leaving the VA

    Jeck are you staying federal or leaving all together?
  5. HM3-2-BSN

    Aetna field case management

    Does anyone currently work in this position? What is a typical day? I'm currently looking at local positions and I'm extremely interested in learning more. Thanks.
  6. HM3-2-BSN

    Leaving the VA

    I'm a vet as well, that's what makes it difficult. Most of me wants to stick it out in hopes I can make a change but a past of me wonders if that's possible.
  7. HM3-2-BSN

    Leaving the VA

    Have anyone left the VA and been happy with their decision? I'm sick and tired of caring for people in such s broken system. Would love to hear success stories.
  8. HM3-2-BSN

    What's your view?

    Wow peds oncology. God bless you. I could not do it. I would cry everyday. I I think im burnt out. Patients drain me and so do the providers.
  9. HM3-2-BSN

    What's your view?

    I've been a nurse going on 4 yrs now and I have not found a job I truly like. I've tried psych, med surg and ambulatory nursing. There's not much you can do with a BSN besides be a nurse. Do you still like being a nurse? If so, what specialty or area?
  10. HM3-2-BSN


    Does anyone work for Aetna as a cm? I have been very interested in applying to Aetna but I don't know much about the company. I currently hold a care coordination position within as a federal nurse but I am not too happy with the current position. I am curious if someone could fill me in on Aetna as a company, benefits? supportive environment? job satisfaction? Thanks in advance!
  11. HM3-2-BSN


    I'm new to primary care and I'm looking for tips that make a good primary care nurse. A lot of what I do is care coordination but it seems like that's pretty common in PC. TIA!
  12. HM3-2-BSN

    VA Nurse Pay Scales

    Does the VA offer tuition reimbursement as a benefit? I can't find anything online.
  13. HM3-2-BSN

    Working solo

    Thanks everyone! I Think it's the work environment that's getting me down. There are no consequences for bad or lazy behavior at my current job. Seriously no call no show is a slap on the wrist. I just want to be paid for my quality of work. Occ health nurse sounds pretty cool. I did I quick search but there doesn't seem to be much need. I will keep searching!
  14. HM3-2-BSN

    Working solo

    Bump anyone
  15. HM3-2-BSN

    Working solo

    Are there any specialities that don't require teamwork? I ask this jokingly, kind of. I'm just sick of working my butt off, getting paid crap as the seasoned nurse gets paid more and doesn't help out. I work in an environment that requires teamwork and I feel like I'm always being let down. I work so hard to help people out when I get a chance but rarely see any help returned. Are there any specialties that are a little more independent? Thank!!
  16. HM3-2-BSN

    Online vs residential

    So only one answer on online vs residential? Can you guys create another thread to talk about that specific program?