Hello All. I’m struggling if whether I can sit for this cert or not. I’ve worked in ambulatory care for 6 years now. Started in primary care but moved to patient education and health Promotion.  A lot of my job is focused on improving HEDIS metrics and coordinating pt education.  Where I struggle is the 2000 clinical hours. ‘Clinical’ is subjective and I even emailed AANC for a better definition and they replied with the criteria to sit for the exam. My job requires an RN license and everything I do touches clinical practice. I do not have consistent face to face interaction, I am behind the scenes so to speak but get pulled for pt care as needed. Any help is appreciated. I’m probably overthinking this but I want to make sure I’m eligible. Thx 

You are eligible to sit for the exam. I worked as a care manager (w/ HEDIS metrics and ect.) when I took the exam.