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  1. AMB BC Cert

    Hello All. I’m struggling if whether I can sit for this cert or not. I’ve worked in ambulatory care for 6 years now. Started in primary care but moved to patient education and health Promotion. A lot of my job is focused on improving HEDIS metrics a...
  2. MSN in Education

    Thank you all!
  3. MSN in Education

    @sleepwalker I was today years old when I learned there was a correct format.
  4. MSN in Education

    Hi All, I recently completed my MSN in nursing education. I’ve seen different credentials after people’s names and wanted to ask what is correct. Is this degree notated as MSN only ir MSN-ED? thanks
  5. Starting a DNP with less than 500 clinical hours

    Lindsay, I’ve been doing more research into the hour issue and found some programs will give credit for certifications and projects. I’m currently looking at university of Colorado.
  6. VA

    Use the resume builder in usajobs.
  7. Starting a DNP with less than 500 clinical hours

    My MSN only required 120 clinical immersion hours. Most DNP programs I look at require 1000 total hours to complete. Most assume the MSN student completed 500 hours, so I run into the situation where I am deficient. My concern is that I might need to...
  8. Has anyone started a DNP program with less than 500 clinical hours? If so, what program?
  9. Ohio State University DNP

    Has anyone completing Or currently completing the OSU DNP executive track program? I have questions about the immersion hours. Thx
  10. VA Nurse Pay Scales

    Nurse 1, step 1, looks like 51k.
  11. RN 2 NP at the VA

    Has anyone gone from being a staff RN to a NP successfully in the VA?
  12. Leaving the VA

    Jeck are you staying federal or leaving all together?
  13. Aetna field case management

    Does anyone currently work in this position? What is a typical day? I'm currently looking at local positions and I'm extremely interested in learning more. Thanks.
  14. Leaving the VA

    I'm a vet as well, that's what makes it difficult. Most of me wants to stick it out in hopes I can make a change but a past of me wonders if that's possible.
  15. Leaving the VA

    Have anyone left the VA and been happy with their decision? I'm sick and tired of caring for people in such s broken system. Would love to hear success stories.