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  1. skyrookie

    Vaccination for clinical

    Hello all, Even though I knew nearly 100% of the responses would be negative, I wanted to hear the possibilities. Interesting how we are all in the caring sciences, but can not showing caring compassion for someone trying to enter the profession. I had a fear of needles due to experiences as a child with my mom being in the hospital. Also there is know plenty of research around the preservatives used in vaccines. I never once mentioned the autism argument. Just like the copious amounts of sodium added to our foods to preserve them, vaccines also contain a lot of preservatives. Many of these preservatives are toxic to certain people. As for my personal path over the last several weeks, I ended up getting the Tdap vaccine to update my tetanus. My school suggested the Tdap instead of just tetanus because apparently Pertussis has made a come back. I've also had Pertussis as a child. During the same visit to the clinic I had titres done for the other required vaccines, as expected I was already immune to the others. Then a few weeks later I changed doctors (as in my PCP, different insurance) so I had to get a CBC w/diff done, so more blood taken. That means I had to get poked 3 times in a few weeks, before all of this it's been years since I've even been in a medical facility. So, yes I'm happy to report after this little bit of drama and a mountain of paperwork, forms other nonsense at school I did make it in! Which makes me proud, because this is best program in our state and it's competitive. Last week, was the first week of my program. It's certainly a full time program, I've been spending about 10 hrs a day working assignments and practicing for practical skills tests coming up. I'd like to encourage all of you with negative responses (which is most), to reconsider your comments and consider where the "OP" is coming from. Maybe instead offer comforting comments or offer research that points towards your view. Sincerely, John R. (skyrookie)
  2. skyrookie

    Vaccination for clinical

    Hey all, I just got accepted to the nursing program at my school. I've been there for about year doing the pre-req's and got accepted for Summer entry! Part of the requirements clinical is to get all my vaccinations up to date and a TB test. I'm not a believer in vaccinations. I filled out the paper work to attend college in the first place without getting vaccinated. At the time they called it a religious exception, so while that wasn't the reason I went with it because they didn't ask any more questions. I'm just not interested in being injected with all the extra crap in the vaccine. The preservatives, the mercury and all the other junk. The high levels of failure of the vaccine as well as the toxins in the vaccines. This is not a discussion about vaccines and anti-vaxers... this is about my clinical application to nursing school. I understand the hospitals want it because of our exposure to patients but I simply don't want that crap in my body. Is there a way to get out of the vaccinations for my clinical? Again no debate on why... I just want to know about possibilities to still enter my clinical without the vaccines. Thanks, John
  3. skyrookie

    New WGU application code

    I just entered that code and it worked great!
  4. Can anyone share with me the code to wave the application fee?
  5. skyrookie

    WGU preperation

    For those that chose WGU, do you feel it prepared for your career? I would be doing their pre-license program. I would being working full time, but would also be pouring a lot of time into it. Trying to finish as soon as possible. I'd also complete the pre-reqs a CC. Thanks for any info!
  6. skyrookie

    2nd Degree BSN / career changer

    Thanks for the info... I looked at the pre-reqs and they are nearly the exact same as TWU. Since I need to work full time, I'll probably have to go with TWU program. The TT program looks to be full time school. Wish I could find a way to go to school full time and afford to support myself. The TT program looks to be a lot cheaper too.
  7. skyrookie

    2nd Degree BSN / career changer

    Thanks for the responses so far! I've been reading a lot online about different people's experiences and how they did it and their situations. I will have to work full time while I do this due to my expenses. I know it will be hell while I try to go to school and work full time. I've been looking at the local community college in Dallas, and they seem to offer the pre-reqs I need. TWU offers the program that seems to fit my needs, I would of course want to talk to them before I apply. With summers off as a teacher, I could really hit it hard in the summer...however I don't want to burn out either. :) Either way I'm excited to keep pursuing this. Looking online also makes Texas look like one of the best places to get started.
  8. skyrookie

    2nd Degree BSN / career changer

    Hi all, I am currently a high school mathematics teacher. I've taught for 8 years as of next week. I'm currently living in Las Vegas, NV where the public school system is ranked last and it's awful teaching here. Before this I was in the Houston, TX area and had a much better experience. Either way, I'm considering a career change to nursing. I'm 37 y/o old male. Will age be a factor? Also this is a career area dominated by women, will that matter either way? I've looked online of course about the coursework and it looks like it's not even worth my time unless I go for the BSN. I have a master's in educational leadership already, so I was also looking at the MSN. It looks like it may be a better idea to go for the BSN first and then check into my options for the MSN later. Biggest question is how does one manage to balance returning to school and making a living? I have plenty of bills but want complete my education ASAP. Best situation I can come up with is to find another teaching job and go to school nights and weekends. I'd probably go back to Texas to teach full again, while attending school. (Specifically I was looking at the nights and weekend program at Texas Women's University, in Dallas) While I have BS in Mathematics and a M. Ed in Instructional Leadership, I see some pre-req's that I may still have to take. How realistic is it to complete this program in a year? I haven't attended college since 2009, but I am a teacher. I'm good at science, when it comes to physics, but I don't remember liking Biology class. Ideas? Comments? Suggestions? Future plans would probably involve moving back to Las Vegas to work as a nurse, I love it here, but teaching public school is horrible. How is the pay for new BSNs? I'm at $47,500 with full paid benefits as a teacher. Based on averages I've seen online it looks like I'll make slightly more at first. Maybe later with the MSN I can add to that. Thanks for reading and all input.