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I help nurses with burnout by discovering freelance health writing as their LAST prn job. I am the co-host of the Savvy Scribe podcast.

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JanineKelbach has 16 years experience as a RN and specializes in Nurse Health Writer / Author.

Janine Kelbach, RNC-OB, started her nursing career in a community hospital learning the basics of labor and delivery, admitting patients, the normal newborn, and scrubbing into the operating room. She quickly became a breastfeeding resource nurse and certified CPR instructor. In 2007, she took a position in a higher acuity facility in the Cleveland, Ohio area. There she worked postpartum and labor and delivery. She became the assistant manager and educated new nurses, developed educational content, and managed other labor and delivery specifications. From then until now, she has obtained her high risk OB certification and her BSN.

She started writing for different healthcare blogs and websites in 2012. Currently, Janine is currently writing articles and social media content for publishing companies and various clients.

Janine enjoys spending time with her husband, two young boys, and their Great Danes, Marvin and Jupiter. She enjoys the beach, outdoors, working out, running, but most of all, she loves being a busy mom.


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  1. JanineKelbach

    My Journey from Nurse to a Freelance Writer

    Thank you everyone!!
  2. Hi Mary! 

    Just wanted to say thank you for always being so happy to support me and other nurses! You're truly an inspiration!


  3. JanineKelbach

    allnurses® Defeats Test Prep Firm in Defamation Lawsuit

    WOW! How stressful this had to be for the AllNurses team! WE (nurses) are incredibly grateful for you standing up for us. Thank you!
  4. JanineKelbach

    Supporting New Nurses in Their First Year

    As an OB Educator, this is SO true! Nurses need to be supported....
  5. My coworkers and I were recently having a discussion about social platforms. I love social, so I have an account and pretty much every platform there is. My coworkers, on the other hand, have accounts usually on Facebook and maybe Instagram. I’m curi...
  6. Hi everyone, I am a frequent writer here for allnurses.com, but I also recently took a part-time educator position in our labor and delivery unit. I will be in charge of the new orientee process... Right now, we have everyone learn LDRP + OR in 12 w...
  7. JanineKelbach

    My Journey from Nurse to a Freelance Writer

    Thank you!
  8. JanineKelbach

    Working as an online nursing tutor

    Have you ever thought of freelance writing instead of tutoring?
  9. JanineKelbach

    Non bedside nursing Option ... and a side question bout Nails?

    So many nurses branch away from the hospital to start something new. Personally I became a freelance writer :) It pays me more than nursing and I love it. I still work in the hospital because I love what I do and I love my patients. Writing is just ...
  10. JanineKelbach

    Unexpected Side Effects from the Side Gig

    Great article, Maureen. As a fellow freelance writer, I have always had a side job as an RN, even before writing. I don't know where I will be in 10 years, but I know I won't be doing floor nursing my entire career. I don't feel it's safe...
  11. JanineKelbach

    Per Diem?

    How about starting a job outside of nursing? I am a freelance writer who now runs a business from home, making more than I do in the hospital... Just a thought.
  12. JanineKelbach

    Non-nurse midwives?

    I think what's said about this post is that NURSES don't know the difference and that we expect patients to. Working in L&D for 15 years, I know that we get the disasters that non-nurse midwives have. Therefore, it's the only opinion I have. Deli...
  13. Freelance remote work has been a growing trend since the early 2000s. Companies are understanding that employees can work well in a remote environment. Of course, as a bedside nurse, it's not possible to leave and work from home, but a side job, like...
  14. JanineKelbach

    Healthy Weight Week

    New year, new you! You see the slogan throughout the media, brochures, and hear it in conversation. It's a new year and time to make a change. A healthy weight is important for your to boost overall health, lower disease risk, and keep you energized....
  15. JanineKelbach

    CRNA Week: Understanding the CRNA Role

    Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) Week starts Jan 21-27, 2018 and focuses on celebrating the nation's 52,000+ Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists and student registered nurse anesthetists! According to the National CRNA Website, thes...