My Journey from Nurse to a Freelance Writer

My name is Janine, RN and I am writing my journey from RN to freelance writer. I was a burnt out worker with no time for my kids. Now, I make a part time living from home and enjoy my job again. I also share how you can get started. Nurses Entrepreneurs Article


My Journey from Nurse to a Freelance  Writer

I started as a freelance writer back in 2012. I always loved to write short stories and poetry ever since I was a little girl. Science and math were my strong subjects in school, but, I loved to write, even if I wasn't the best writer.

During the first year of my son's life, I struggled to get food on the table and pay our bills. I became a registered nurse as a single mom in 2006, and finally, money wasn't scarce. After graduation, I worked in labor and delivery at a small community hospital. I went on to work at a county hospital in the worst part of Cleveland, Ohio and loved it. I made my way back to the community hospital to a middle management position, became certified in inpatient obstetrics and married my husband.

Shortly after, he adopted my first son and we had our second son. I was offered a day shift position and worked prn for a home care company caring for the high-risk pregnant population in the bad parts of Cleveland, again. I loved the work, and I loved to side hustle at prn jobs to make extra income, I never felt the burn out feeling I saw my other coworkers have.

But, I still loved to write.

Writing on the Side

My grandmother became ill with cancer in early 2013. I was at her bedside towards the end stages. I brought my laptop to write while she slept. I started making money (a whole $5 for 300 words), but it sparked something inside of me. I made that first amount through a content mill. Content mills are companies that have clients post writing gigs, but only pay pennies for the content. It's never a way to make a living, nor do I recommend it. When I wrote for that amount, I didn't know there was another way.

I could do this to make extra money.

My income started to rise as I Googled everything from

  • "How to make money as a writer from home"
  • "work at home jobs for nurses"
  • "work at home jobs for moms"
  • And more

My goal was to be home more with my sons. I also wanted to pursue my BSN, which I did, all from home.

I Quit My Homecare Job

I obtained my concealed carry license to carry a gun for when I was in trouble at the home care job. Several patients recommended me to carry, so I thought "I better protect myself." I loved the work, and the patients, but the company cracked down on how much we made as nurses, and simply, it wasn't worth my life. My husband was nervous for me, and I started to see why.

Soon after I started making money writing, I quit my homecare job. It's difficult when your heart is into the parents to simply quit, but I had to, and now I am safe and making a living from home. Now, I look back wondering what took me so long.


My income started to quickly rise from my measly $5/300 words to $60/mo then $300/mo to $1K/mo and now I have earned around $2800/mo, part-time, remember it's my PRN job now. I work around 10-12 hours per week for my writing job and 24-36 hours a week for my hospital job.

I still work my part-time hospital job because I can't see myself staying home yet. I love what I do! I love my patients and my experiences with them. I love the doctors I work for as well.

But, I love working from home! I didn't realize how much I could help people with their company's missions and patients with true information from the internet.

I Networked

In 2016, I met a friend who has another social media site. We chatted and laughed about our journeys and wondered how we haven't run into each other in the past 4 years when we were doing the same thing online [the World Wide Web is huuuge].

At the time she shared with me her visions of another social community. I was invited to help develop and maintain the community. Networking proved worthwhile in helping me to meet not only my friend but other nurses who want to start writing. It is important for nurses with like interests to be able to have a place to network.

My Business

As for my business,

  • I have an email list where I share my income reports and resources with my readers
  • I have 1:1 coaching services and client services
  • I have weekly blog posts to help freelance writers

Allnurses provides great exposure to nurses all over the US! You can start writing with them by submitting an article.

My mission is to help nurses get started building their freelance businesses. I hope my journey has inspired you to start your #nextprnjob.

Janine has been an RN since 2006, specializing in labor and delivery. She ventured into writing in 2012. She still works in the hospital, parttime. She, her husband, and two boys reside in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Career Columnist / Author

Nurse Beth, MSN

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Specializes in Tele, ICU, Staff Development.

I love your story, Janine.

JanineKelbach, RN

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Thank you, Beth

Long Term Care Columnist / Guide

VivaLasViejas, ASN, RN

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That's awesome! Your story is inspiring to me as a blogger and (very) part-time writer.

JanineKelbach, RN

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Specializes in Nurse Health Writer / Author.

I appreciate your comment, thank you!

Chronic Care Coordinator

spotangel, DNP, RN, NP

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Fascinating! That's my dream job too ! Great article!


1 Post

Love your story...and your articles!


2 Posts

Great and inspiring article!

ikenna odii

1 Post

A great way to start my morning.

thanks for sharing.

Specializes in CCU.

This is really interesting. Congrats on getting such an amazing gig! Ironically, I am a freelance copywriter and writer going into nursing. Funny to read about someone going the other way.

JanineKelbach, RN

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Specializes in Nurse Health Writer / Author.

Thank you!

RNat55, ADN, RN

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Awesome! It gave me a good opportunity to know you better.

Indeed, allnurses is also giving me an opportunity to try my hand at writing. I am new to writing and don't know if I make an earning from it. I am in my final semester for my BSN but I don't have any job yet as an RN.

I am wondering if I can make a headway going fully into the writing business since I am not getting a job at 55? ?

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